Sasha Agha and her Intimate scenes in a Bollywood Movie-Threat to our Culture?

Picking such topics and writing over them is always something I avoid the most; probably because the readers often find the content either bold enough to be discussed or find the critics been overdone. However, it seems more like a duty to share all the must-know facts and  happenings that are related to our celebrities and showbiz industry to keep our readers updated. What I have today to share with you all is a news that will surely leave you with a thought to consider.

I recently shared a news announcement about Salma Agha’s daughter Sasha Agha and the fact that she will soon be seen on screen in a bollywood movie “Aurangzeb”.

Note: Read more about the project here :

While I was searching more about the movie, I came across some sites where Sasha is been discussed for the intimate scenes that she has done with Arjun Kapoor, who is the male lead in the movie. The clips were quite shameful as I take them and knowing that our site has some rules and regulations to follow, censoring of the clips was the first thing that was done.

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 It is a pity that although belonging from a family that has earned a lot of respect for its talent in the field of acting and singing, Sasha Agha seems quite comfortable in doing such bold scenes in the movie. If you take a look on the song that has also been sung by her, you will notice that the line that distinguishes glamor from vulgarity has crossed all the boundaries that should be strictly followed.

Salma Agha is one of those celebrities who are still cherished for not their work only but for the morality and ethics that they ensured on screen, however, watching her daughter in an avatar that completely opposes to the customs and traditions that the home country follow was an unpleasant experience.

There is nothing new about the story as it is becoming more like a trend that Pakistani actresses go to India and take the name down of the country by selling themselves on screens, whether it is Meera, Veena Malik, Sara Loren or Sasha Agha now.  

Pakistan is a country having 60% of the liberal people who are at ease with some romantic scenes been shown on screen but the fact still remains that being a Muslim country, the audience want to see their celebrities following at least some lines called “limits” on-screen and on a serious note even the law of the country disapproves the anything that becomes a source of promoting vulgarity.  

It has been seen that Pakistani actresses who try earning respect with indecent ways in India lose their career in Pakistan as Veena Malik is a good example of this. About 70% of the audience hates Veena Malik for her boldness and this means the end of her career in her home country. The news about having Salma Agha’s daughter as an emerging talent was welcomed by most of the readers few hours back but her fan following within Pakistan is in danger if we take the previous trends into account. Fair enough, Sasha has got her first break with Yash Raj Films which itself speaks quite much about the intimate scenes she agreed to do.

What makes this article worth reading is the fact that it is now important to question our celebrities about the ethics that they must follow. Will all of our celebrities going to sell their dignity on screen just for the sake of some money and popularity? Are we going to take them back open arms when they would return to Pakistan after giving some bold, low-budget  flop movies?

It is a point where all of us should start thinking that how we actually want our culture to look like.

Save your culture, raise your voice,


Nida Zaidi

  • Hammu

    "Sasha" Is this name not enough to describe her acts? A very shameful act!

    • nida_zaidi

      Yes Hammu, disgusting Indeed :/

    • Sarah

      Thats like saying every Veena, Meera is a whore. What the hell is wrong with you? We have Sashas here in pakistan as well. And they're respectable women.

      • Hammu

        I wasn't being offensive but you see these names are not very common.I have never heard a Meera or a Veena in my life! The same goes with Sasha.

        • sam

          hammu my sister name is meera.and she is a role model for all the girls who getting married early.

          • nida_zaidi

            oh my !

  • Mr unknown

    why nobody discuss about Ali Zafar he has done this kind of shameful acts in bollywood movies s well, why is that the objections are raised on female actresses??

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      very well pointed, Ali Zafar has shameful acts in bollywood movies too, but none of the critic has ever bothered to mention it. infact his movie was a success in pakistan, and talk of the town, and I personally heard many comments like yes we had watched Ali movie he look so fabulous so dashing etc.Also the leading weekly of pakistn Akhbar Jehan, wrote with great excitement that 'following footsteps of Salman Khan, Ali Zafar has also revealed his six pack abs now lets see who wins in this race.' Hope will also write a blog on Ali Zafar.

      Also moammar rana has some scenes in a bollywood movie too, which also went unnoticed from the 'thekedaars of pakistani culture'.

      Question is why something is considered a sin for a female artist, whereas when same thing is done by a male artist nobody objections, infact sometimes it is cherished. Seems we have same approach of having double standards on this thing, which we mostly (including me) have on various aspects of normal life.

      • nida_zaidi

        Yes, we do have double standards because when we sit with our family we actually disapprove actresses who sell their dignity and morals for some cash but when it comes to raising a voice against it, we talk about liberty and equality. We question about why a man can go out shirtless and woman can't? brother, the laws that go with men are not for women, and it is not me who is saying this, it has been prescribed the the Supreme Authority. If Ali Zafar or Moamarr Rana have done intimate scenes, we accuse them for vulgarity equally. It is not at all that we are happily satisfied with the male artists when we talk about the limits, that a MUSLIM actor must follow.

        Sasha is a girl and you cannot compare an apple with an orange, and that was the only reason that I mentioned other FEMALE actresses while talking about Sasha.

        • Rashid Nazir Ali

          Sister NZ, i totally respect your point of view, we cant compare apples with oranges.

          See i neither written that we should promote or encourage the intimate scenes of Sasha, nor did i said that such exposure on screen is a sign of being liberal and modern.

          The thing which i mentioned was about intimate scene of Ali Zafar in film london paris newyork, please note for male actors there is a difference in being shirtless or being in an intimate scene. Being shirtless is no objections at all, but being in intimate scene is a different story altogether.

          I was only highlighting that our male artist has also done such intimate scenes like Ali Zafar and also momi rana in film “ek second jo zindagi badal de” but sadly they were never ever criticized, infact film of ali zafar was a success in pakistan and also he was much praised for his work in the film on social networking forums, sites, media, and even largest selling magazines like akhbar-e-jehan. Like i remember nadia khan saying that ali zafar is doing a wonderful job in bollywood when talked about london paris newyork.

          I had never point at you instead I want to raise a point here that when our media has done so many programs where Veena malik, meera has been defamed and criticized for working in indian films in intimate scenes, there was not a single liner criticism for our male actors like ali zafar from any of media persons, or social website or forums or magazine instead these are being praised. This is the double standard which I was pointing too any such scene by a female artist becomes a headline but such act from male doesnot even considered for a single liner ticker in our media.

          • nida_zaidi

            Brother Rashid,
            I got your point now, and as answered previously, we do not support any male actor for such things as well.
            Meera was not criticized for doing an indian movie, she was criticized for crossing her limits in the movie "Nazar". Similarly, Mona Lisa went unnoticed for her first two Indian movies including Kajra re, but yes She was accused for intimate scenes when she actually did so in Murder 3.

            Similarly, Ali Zafar shouldn't be blamed for his first two movies, Bin Tere Laden and Mere brother ki Dulhan as honestly speaking there was nothing bold in the above stated movies, but yes, for his movie you just mentioned, we criticize him equally too.

            The point remains pretty constant here that we dont criticize the fact that our actors are working in India, but what has made this topic a centre of attention thing is we expect them to be in their limits.

          • ShiZa

            nida zaidi aap bhoat farigh dikhti hain mjhe itney comments?????

          • nida_zaidi

            Hey Shiza, honestly speaking buddy, I'm a busy person, trust me πŸ˜› its just like I am a writer and its my job to write and reply to comments you see πŸ™‚

            Stay tuned to have more of them,

            Good Day

        • ShiZa

          Dear nida zaidi nd other alls!
          Baat male ya female ki nahi hai na double standard ki yahan limits ki baat hai wo limits jo hamen Allah ne batai hai Quran pak mein.. aaapas ki debate ko rehne den just for a sec sochen k hjamare limits kia hai as a Muslim…. pls be Obedient to Almighty pls becoz we all have to face him one day (aakhraat )..
          Regards ur muslim sis

    • Nyla

      Mr unkhown, There are different dress code for men,woman & children in every society. Men can take off their shirt during summer working as a farmer or labrourer,can wear their under shirt in public in our culture. But our women can't.

      • Rashid Nazir Ali

        your point is absolutely right , men can taking off their shirt its not objectionable in any society and also not in films. But there is difference in being shirtless and been in an intimate scene. Being shirtless is not an objectionable thing but intimate scene is a totally separate thing.

        What Mr unknown has mentioned is about the intimate scene which ali zafar has done in film london paris newyork, he was highly praised for his work in this film in our media , our print media and social media. there was no condemnation anywhere on his intimate scene.

        • Nyla

          Sorry, I was just talking about dress code in general. I didn't watch this movie and stopped watching other Indian movies too for the same reasons, nudity , intimate scene & vulgar dialogues and songs. So disgusting. Pakistani dramas are good enough to entertain me.

          • ayub

            u r a liar..i am sure u watched jism, murder and raaz !! lol..and i know u want to become like sunny leone..ha ha

      • sara

        No one is talking about dress code. Its about scenes.

  • Shayan


  • engrdotmonis

    Well, a bold topic indeed but a perfect topic related 2 our celebs. This is what our celebs r doing there in India.Her mom was also an actor.These kind of scenes r not an issue for her.Actually, Salma Agha is not full Pakistani. She is half Indian 2.She is cousin of Ranbirr Kapoor's Dad Rishi Kapoor.B.T.W. Awesome effort!Writing these kind of articles need great courage. You r simply awesome author.God bless u Nida!!!!

    • nida_zaidi

      Thanks alot for a detailed feedback Monis, Stay Connected:)

      • engrdotmonis

        Welcome, yea sure,keep ry8ng such an awesome article. Hattsss offff for such an awesome articles nd All d best πŸ™‚

        • Rashid Nazir Ali

          you are right that salma agha is a distant cousin of Rajkapoor family, but she never ever had half or full indian nationality, infact she is a full time british national with pakistan origin. So we may use the common word used for such cases that she is a british pakistani.

          • engrdotmonis

            dude m not talking abt nationality.M sayn dat shez half Indian 2!!!

    • Nyla

      You are right, Salma Agha lived in England. She was in India to attend Rishi Kapoor's wedding, when she was signed for ' NIKah' by Yash raj's brother. I'm told that her Naani was married to Raj kapoor' Mamoon. Raj kapoor's family is from Peshawar. Raj Kapoor was very protective of her daughters and wife and didn't approve his brothers and sons marrying Film actresses.

      • engrdotmonis

        Yea Exactly Nyla, Actually m a bollywood freak person so i have these kind of infos.B.T.W, Thnx for sharing such a detailed info!!!

        • Nyla

          You are welcome. This was the first time Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, was invited to sing in a wedding. Raj Kapoor recognized his talent before others. Now I remember the name of Yash Chopra's brother. B.R Chopra., the director of Nikhah.

          • engrdotmonis

            Yea, Actually B.R. Chopra saw Salma Agha @ the reception of Rishi Kapoor & Neetu Singh's wedding & hired her 4 the central role in his movie "Nikaah".

          • engrdotmonis

            Shez grand daughter of 30′s/40′s famous actor and actress Jugal Kishore Mehra and Anwari Begum who played the roles of the first ever made Heer Ranjha (in 1932)

          • sana

            All of them are somehow related.. about the article.. I think its useless topic.. I wonder how many times has sasha bin to Pak.. she is not Pakistani like Nargis fakhri.. they just have one parent who has a pakistani origin .. thats it.. she is not representing Pakistan.. agar uske maa baap ko aur usko masla nae then why are we judging.. she is not our sister..

          • Nyla

            Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was the main singer in Rishi's reception.

          • sana

            B R Chopra is Hrithik Roshans Nana..

  • hamnah

    thumbs up for your courage πŸ™‚ but please do a good job while censoring, these pictures doesn't seem much censored

    • nida_zaidi

      Thanks Hamnah, let me see how more can I protect her already-ruined image!

  • mudasir

    pakistani dramo main pak culture delkana chahey..india wala nae…

  • saranzaib khan

    now a days every whore is using KHAN with their names..

  • saranzaib khan

    now a days every fucking whore is khan .like zarah khan , reema khan, nadia khan, etc. this is just disgrace of name KHAN. tell these whores not to use KHAN with their names.

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      well many male stars of indian film industry are also KHAN like shahrukh khan, yousaf khan (daleep kumar), salman khan and the list goes on and on and on. And the trend is not from today, it is dated back some 50 years back with heroes like feroz khan, sanjay khan started their career. does the word KHAN is not 'disgraced' when it is put after a name of male celebrity as it is disgraced when some female artist puts it with her name? as in the end both female or male artist are doing same thing they are doing acting.

  • grizvell

    Salma Agha herself exposed on bollywood screen… some scandal related to her daughter raised few years back also… nothin starnge in it now…

  • Naseeb

    Wow now that is some news πŸ˜‰
    looking forward to watching Aurengzeb….
    (cannot think of any other response, and we cannot help stop them taking their modesty down, so let us join the sarcasm brigade :P)

  • Akber Zaidi

    nida our pk models mostly wears western outfits instead of our cultural dresses n this all happens in pk n its shmeful act but hollywood bollywood aur lollywood ye alag hi dunya hai ..

    • nida_zaidi

      Yes Akber, I do agree that this is what happening out there but again, are we loosers enough to take it all? isn't it our duty as a muslim to condemn the promotion of such actresses in our country at least? Salma Agha was something if you pick the history. Having her daughter this way is a dissapointment

  • engrdotmonis

    Well, well u all should encourage this young girl instead of giving these type of vulgar comments and examples . At least she have guts nd courage 2 write these types of articles. Just sit in front of Laptop or computer nd write an article,pata lag jaega k "How damn difficult article writing is!!!!!!!!! " Regards.

  • misbah

    shame on you salma agha because its u who have to tell the values of islam as being a muslim,it is a big responsbility of all parents………………. bt u fail in it…………

    na thanx fr sharing this infofmation miss nida zaidi,
    i wish u must write abut those shows in which indian culture is promoted; like todays show on Hum TV "hum award show"
    i am waiting……….

    • nida_zaidi

      Hey Misbah, Thank you so much for liking the efforts, I will soon plan a write up on your suggested topic πŸ™‚

  • Nahyan Mirza

    People here are praising the standards of Salam Agha herself.. Guys Salma was one of the first Pakistani actresses to do bold work in India… Check out Jungle Ki Beti to see Salma Agha running around half naked.. Get a life.. Its their work.. If they want to do it let them.. If you don't like it don't watch…

  • ShaffaQ

    dats really shameful .. our so called actresses need psychological counselling ..

  • Isra Arif

    This is indeed a shameful act. . . i am not pointing out this women only for her vulgarity i am pointing out each and every pakistani and Muslim actor or actress who has thrown themselves in the feet of bollywood and sold their bodies to the exploiting media for entertainment. I say rather they have sold their souls and we people can't do anything but object because it is stated in our religion that if u cant stop wrong? then at least think its bad in your heart and try to avoid it as much as you can. I suggest to all my muslim brothers and sisters please avoid watching such vulgarity and save your eyes from the trash they show.

  • Kamran

    Islam has defined boundries for men and women. If we cross the boundry then there is no limit. We condemn this act of Sasha Agha only because it is against our culture and not religion because if you talk about religion then watching namehram is even not allowed. Who say that boundry of Islam allows a girl to romance onscreen and does not allow to take off clothes onscreen. Both these acts are disallowed. If we encourage women romancing onscreen (by watching and liking them we encourage) then this act becomes inevitable. So please do not make your own religion and refer to cultural boundry as religious boundry

  • sahibzada ARYAN

    helo..nida… after reading article…..ap logun ko pata nahi k muje kitna dokh hua hai…..yaar hum pakistani kab tk apne ap ko bejenge..our wo b india ma..chand paison kaliye..sham on us….oouurrs dosri bat nida ap k dill ma gairat hai haya hai…our apne mulk kaliye dard hai…k ap ne ye articl share kia hai…..par samj ma nahi araha hai k ye kab tk huta rahega ye bisharmi..koi pochne wal he nahi….allah hum p raham kare….we appretaite u for doing tht..tnx…

    • nida_zaidi

      Hey Aryan,
      Thnk you so much for liking the efforts, yes, this is indeed sensitive and honestly speaking this would never come to an end till we do not raise voice against it

  • Asif

    What do u expect from these Prostitutes or Glorified Prostitutes? They are there for such vulgarity and they don't give a damncare……There was a time when such pros used to be called as MARASEE/KANJAR, and renamed as ACTORS and STARS and finally CELEBRITIES…….hahahhahahahhahah. all crap…..

  • Asif

    What do u expect from these Prostitutes or Glorified Prostitutes? They are there for such vulgarity and they don't give a damncare……There was a time when such pros used to be called as MARASEE/KANJAR, and renamed as ACTORS and STARS and finally CELEBRITIES…….hahahhahahahhahah. all crap…..

  • Sam

    What can you say about a person who’s name after porn star.

  • Rabia Baloch

    Well said Nida Zaidi just an awsum article & this is reality of our actor/actresses they don't care about our culture, traditions or our country…

    • nida_zaidi

      Thank you soo much Rabia πŸ™‚


    nyc article nida. actually it really hurts yar k is trah ki grls b hain pakistan me and wo zara b nhe sochte k hamri kya izzat rahegi but just hatts off to there parents just shame on them… indians to jaan bhuj k aisa kr rhe hain take hmari repo gire in short sorry 4 using dat word but in prostitutes ki waja se hmare country ki repo nhe rhi πŸ™


    There are different class of people in our society. The class you mentioned in your article has nothing to do with culture or religion. It's all fame and money game. To be honest with you, here in Pakistan our film industry had such bold pictures with vulgar scenes in past. The only thing that stops them is so called censor board. Please don't forget vulgar stage dances that started about 10 years ago and those CDs were being shown on every cheap hotels in small towns of Pakistan and then Government did a crackdown and arrested those dances. I don't say all but most of our actresses are willing to do such work here if provided opportunities and protection.
    Zara num ho to yeh matti bari zarkhaiz ha people πŸ™‚

  • ummeafnan

    and i wonder why they( our pakistani ppl) dont know that how they indians are being looked down upon by the west lol. especially for " BOLLYWOOD"

    • babrak

      we are also looked down by the whole world and called nothing is funny bcoz our condition is worse than India

  • 6785

    Hey! Just wanted to put in my two cents worth πŸ™‚

    I agree with Nida’s point of view wholeheartedly, but upon reading this article and looking at the trailer I just had to comment (very first comment here, can I hear a YAY?).

    So, here I go –

    Although I agree with Nida, I have to say that the attitudes in the Pakistani entertainment have grossly changed in the past decade – not only the entertainment, but also our society, especially the “creme de la cremes” who’re unfortunately also the only ones who are in the limelight (ever) and hence the only ones for the rest of the younger generation to emulate.

    Take for instance the HumTv awards, or rather any recent award shows (I don’t know that many, I honestly don’t watch a whole lot of television) in Pakistan, or even Pakistani “fashion” shows (seriously, how can you call only wedding clothes an entire fashion? But I’m digressing — please don’t kill me :P). Here, you see women dressed up like it’s the Oscars (but not really, those gowns are a little iffy), but unlike when watching the Oscars every time the camera sweeps up on bared shoulders and open close-up of cleavages — I cringe. I feel uncomfortable. It’s worse to watch even the older women get up into that stuff. Okay forget the little things called sleeves. Dupattas, remember those niffty things? I wear jeans, but when I’m wearing desi clothes I keep my dupatta on me. I think you can wear what you want and act how you want, definitely, but always keep in mind the context of your audience, where they’re from and most importantly where you are from, where you want to go in life and how portraying yourself in a certain way will get you there – KEEPING always with yourself a few essential things that really this country was once known for (even before it was); DIGNITY, ELEGANCE, HUMILITY.

    What I’m trying to get on to here is that this is what the industry thinks they need to do, and really what they’re now comfortable doing and are flaunting it (because hey, freedom of speech *eye roll*), in order for the industry to survive. I feel they think that by doing this they’re making up for things that the Pakistani industry lacks at the moment — that huge chunk called movies…and larger International acclaim (I don’t mean desi’s in foreign but actual foreigners) which they think they can get by ‘baring’ it all out for Uncle Sam (who really isn’t interested in ahem “that”). They’re trying to copy the wrong people, the wrong things, and even if they aren’t all that wrong (to them) then very distasteful things for the rest of us poor souls.

    Rather than resorting to this (don’t they know by now, it gets us all riled up, and that ain’t good), there’s so much work to be done in the industry, so much to learn from other successful entertainment industry (whose cultures resembles ours more) that don’t start with a B and end with a D, and then implement those in Pakistan?

    I could seriously go on and on, but I hope that you get what I’m trying to say here. Don’t lay it on a foolish girl’s whimsy to be the next big thing but rather look at the collective and see where it’s coming from and start fixing things from there. It’s like a weed — it’s never completely gone until you dig out the seed.

    • 6785

      Ooh, and I forgot to say this really important little thing; it’s not really Bollywood or Hollywood or India or what have you – this stuff’s already here in Pakistan albeit off of the official screen. But now and again, you can see it in the peripherals…though it may reach the center stage soon.

  • Mrs Khan

    For me this article is spreading negativity and shamelessness.So that regular Pakistani readers who even didn;t know abt that until, now they are aware of it.
    Please this girl is not Pakistani so why should I care.And even if Pakistani celebrities do it,thats their job.

  • wishie

    After reading this article I went on google to look at salma agha after seeing her pictures I not surprised about what her daughter just did.

  • kuku

    sab actoe aur actresses ka yehi ha kal ha chahay wo models hoon sab eik hi hain in ko moqa milay to pasay kay liay yeh sab kuch ker saktay in pakistani pasoon ki khatiris ka koi mazhab nahin hota

  • PAK .COM

    you all don't know ,its money business ..the more you are naked the more money you made veena malik is doing …very easy to understands..

  • baachaa

    India ho ya Pakistan vulgarity ab common hogye he ap humare dramo ko he daikh le hum tv award show , lux award show bus vulgar dances bold dresses sab to ab tv pe karte nazar ate hain humare actress , actor …. Pregnancy delivery abortion kon Sa topic he Jo ab Nahi a raha jab ye Pakistani dramo me itne bold ho gye hain to India ja ke bucha kucha b expose kar daite hain sham sham and sham on our all bold actress

  • Samira

    Aoa to all first of all i red all comments media and religion r 2 diffrents topic we cant mix gud things in bad one
    Those people r not important y r we discussing about them what goal we will reach???? To all just look for urself and for ur amal plssss don't mentioned again and again Islam for media in real Islam is allll this dramas movies strictly not allowed ……..

  • Mehar Ibrahim

    hey guys relax yar…. don't involve involve Islam in all this…. islam mein tu tv pe ana hi ghalat hai drama kr rhey ho tu wo b haram hai aur ye un ka profession hai right.. kis dramey mein lrkiyan hijab ya naqaab mein ati hein its aal bullshit… pta nhi tm log kia aur kyun dscs kr rhey ho……. kuch khuda ka khof kro yar hmarey krney k aur bohat sarey kaam hein wo kro chor do ye sb kuch…….

    • Zain.Siddiqee

      To kia Islam me jo hai woh ghalat hai ya yeh ghalat hai Mehr?
      Haan burayi ko phailana nahi chahiye… jesa hum ker rahay hain through media like Sasha ne yeh kiya, Meera ne woh kia…….. agar itne he achay hum hain to yeh cheezain dhoondain bhi na!
      Lekin hum khud dhoond dhoond ker dekhte hain k aakhir kiya hai hai?? or mazay le ker burayi start ker dete hain

    • sanam pari

      i love u ..ur words are awesome..wish every Muslim was knowledgeable like u

  • angel

    attentive all.. yar ye to film industry ki batn hain wahan ki vulgarity hy kisi ne socha k hmary dramas me kya chl rha hy,boht open scenes dikhaty hn sometimes.male female kissing,pregnancy jesy issues itni boldly deliver krty hn. rape per kitni open discussions hoti hn. kehny ka mksad ye hy k islam k rules me to ye b ni hy k koi ghair mard bila zrurat orat ki awaz na suny,, agay kuch kehny k liay bchta hy??/?/????? ap sb smjhdar hain

  • Hate_Artists

    We need to shame as a Muslim. They said that Actor has no limit , No boundries. But Muslims have boundries and limits. All actress are so hatefull. Todays Muslim know only to earn money. They dont care of Allah. I wish that Allah call all of us soon. Because its so hurting to live in now days world due to these shamless Muslims. They proud of their bad sexyy scenes and said its demand of film. Ahhh we have no fear of Allah. Ahhhhhh

  • Fatima

    Very well put.. Why are we even talking about her. She is an Indian and not surely a Muslim. I am perhaps the only one here who has actually lived in Indian for a full three year period and I am a very proud Pakistani. I swear to God even the Indian Muslims in India are way different from us. They are totally overshadowed by Hindu culture and religion and most of them are recent converts,. We as Pakistanis are very very different and have been due to our history, religion, food and ancestors. I think we should stick to talking about Pakistani artists in good or bad roles. Lets just stick together and promote our own artists. We don't even need to talk about Bollywood. We don't have to. The day we start relying and finding our own talent "enough" for discussing , viewing and gossiping–that would be the day of deliverance for us and we will know that we are moving in the right direction!!

  • sana

    heyy whoever u r …her name is zara khan n her father was a squash player..n thn he became the part of the federation..i was a swimmer n i have met this girl in isl living with her father …soo for ur kind of infomation shes a muslim…cheer

  • Abhinav


    I am Indian and not sure whether i can be a part of this discussion, but still trying. I just saw the Sasha's scenes from Aurenzeb and indeed they are quite bold even by indian standards. Well i saw in this discussion i saw a lot of talk of religion, culture and even caste.What i don't get it how an individuals personnal preferenece and independence can be a threat to a religion, culture or caste. Modesty, decency and ethics are virtues cherished in both India and Pakistan afterall we share cultural heritage. You won't find general Indian woman going out on a beach in a bikini unlike western women.