Ayeza Khan’s Fans Creation Competition resulted in a complete disappointment

I want to write on this topic last month but due to my other priorities I neglected it but finally I decided to have a go on it. Just before Ramadan an unofficial Ayeza Khan Facebook page (currently with most number of likes) conducted a competition for page members called as Ayeza Khan’s Fans creation competition. This page acts as a secondary page of Ayeza Khan’s official page. In this activity anyone who thinks that he/she is a biggest fan of Ayeza Khan can participate in competition and they are required to make best of the best photos or videos to show their love for Ayeza Khan. One week time limit had been given by admin and three creations with most numbers of likes will be declared as winners but unfortunately that didn’t happen at all. The admin never turned up to announce the winners as promised there by making her fans extremely disappointed.
Ayeza fans competition

The page members were extremely delighted as they took part in this competition including myself and they started making different collages. However it seems like admin was unable to manage the activity. Only 41 fans creation pics were uploaded in whole week and many members have complained that admin was unable to post their creations on page that includes me as well.

As most of them were making pictures I decided to make a video and with lots of help from my brother I finally be able to make a video with just one day remaining in competition. Though I have just send my creation on last day it makes a reasonable excuse why my creation was not posted but many members have complained that they have submitted their creation four or five days ago and admin was unable to post it.

Below are some fans creations that were posted by admin:
Ayeza 1
Ayeza 2
Ayeza 3
Ayeza 4

Ayeza 5
Ayeza 6

Ayeza 7
Ayeza 8

Here is my creation as it was not posted by admin so I uploaded it on daily motion :-D

Ayeza Khan a Ravishing Beauty by maaz-a-siddiqui-5

Due to increased complaints from members, on last day admin finally got a lame excuse that those creations that weren’t posted were not up to the expectation. Well to be honest it was not admin to decide whether it is good or not the members have to vote.
Reasons why this competition was disappointing because firstly admin was unable to manage the activity at all, I can hardly see 5 to 6 pictures being posted each day and time limit was only one week so if they had given one week’s time they should have posted at least 20 pics in a day and secondly as page members are over 0.3 million so having this type of competition in my point of view was simply illogical. Thirdly they announced that winners will get something special but what was that special prize? And last but not the least admin never announced any winner as this seems all folks and just a trick to waste people time.

All I can wish that Celebrity pages admin could become more responsible and learn to respect members as just because of these members they are running pages successfully and additionally it is also a disrespect to Ayeza as well as most of her fans are hurt due to careless and neglectful attitude.



Maaz is a student of accountancy who has always been a Pakistani Drama Lover. Providing analysis on Pakistani Entertainment Industry is his hobby and he feels honored to be a part of the reviewit team.

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