Meray Humdum Meray Dost – Episode 15

Man ! I must admit that for me, this show is the best show airing these days in terms of pace, storyline and characters. The way they are maintaining the pace of this show is commendable ; Everything is moving step by step and I am loving this format.

Earlier ,we have seen that Aiman had her make over that was a gift of standing out first in her class by her best friend ,Haider. And the overall look which they gave to Sanam Jung is just perfect for a university student and as she is my favorite TV artist these days, so I loved her even more in her new look.

With Haider, Aiman is completely different person; she is like an open book to him and he can read her whenever he wants. He knows how to tackle Aiman when she is sad and depressed, he knows how to make her happy and more than that he is always there for her whenever she needs him; All these qualities of Haider are enough for Aiman to consider him her whole world and thats what she confessed when Rameen made her realize that she is falling in love with Haider.

Aiman’s step brother, Saahir, who was not my favorite in recent episodes , appeared as a completely different person today and I must say that I kind of liked him. Earlier,I always thought that this man needs a lot of improvement in his acting but after watching today’s episode,I was proved wrong. Further, Sanam Jung has also proved herself to be a versatile actress in this show. Her transformation from sad,depressed and average looking Aiman to bold,confident and attractive looking girl proved that she is a complete package ,in terms of looks and acting as well.

Earlier, Saahir wasnt able to gulp the fact that he has a step-sister too. But now,as he came back to Pakistan for his vacations, Haider was the one who made him realize that she is the most lonely person he ever met and despite of all the differences, she is his sister and he should not only admit the fact but also accept Aiman as his sister. Sahir, being flexible and understanding person, paid serious attention to what Haider told him and tried to solve all differences with Aiman. But Aiman lived her life in miseries while Saahir had all luxuries a man can ever think of. Because of that and many other reasons, Aiman was not ready to accept Saahir as her brother.  After all that happened with her,  she lost the ability to trust anyone easily and more than that being more mature, she thought that his brother might take her as an actual evil-step sister. Contrary to what Aiman thought , Saahir turned out to be a friendly and easy going person but Aiman was not ready to mingle just like that; she needed more time.

Aiman was not ready to accept Saahir as her brother and Saahir was not ready to give up so he played a trick and it worked really well. Its in Aiman nature that she cant see anyone in pain ; Such feelings automatically grow into a person when someone lives a life of deprivation. So as a part of her nature, she ran for Saahir and ultimately she realized that he is not merely a being, but her own brother and thought of losing him as she lost he mother made her cry. Saahir got succeeded in his plan and tried to make Aiman realize that he always urged to have a sister and now that he has one, he dont want to lose her.

Like Rameen, Haider’s friend gave him a reality check that he is falling for Aiman but Haider left it unheard. Likewise, Aiman got jealous of Haider’s old friend, today we saw a bit curious-cum-jealous version of Haider too which is clearly depicting that deep inside, he feels for Aiman too.

Sajeela came back to Pakistan with a hope that she will get Haider back merely because he didnot get married after Sajeela left him. Taufeeq and Almaas gave her second chance. Will Haider be able to give her second chance too ? To know all that and more ,we have to wait for one long week.

I would love to read your comments on today’s episode.

Rabia Basharat.

P.S. My fellow reviewer seems a bit busy as she didnt review last episode so I decided to take over the reviews of this show again as I cannot afford to leave such a nice show without reviewing.


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