Azaan Sami Khan Pens Down Heartfelt Note On Daughter’s Birthday

Azaan Sami Khan is the rising star of showbiz. The young writer and musician got married to his childhood love and they have two beautiful kids together.

On the birthday of his daughter, he penned down the sweetest and emotional note for his children and expressed his love.

People often advise him to not talk about kids because it’ll harm your career. “I’m told every few days in the industry by someone or the other, at times even by people I respect and take seriously that “Azaan you’re young, you’re in the early years of your career. Don’t be too open about the fact that you have kids. Keep quiet about it. It’ll effect your career etc.” The truth is how can I do that when they are what define me? Inspire me? Push me to do better. Be better.

You guys are too small to read or understand this at this point but I hope you read this one day(as long as Instagram survives and the internet doesn’t implode) I just want you to know that being someone who has always been ambitious, driven and a dreamer. You always aspire to reach the top of the mountain to one day experience that feeling and that validation.”

He further added, “Today each day when I go to work I know I already felt the highest of all feelings the day I became your father and each time I see you I know that no goal or level of success will ever surpass that. So I work because I love what I do and want to do better than I did yesterday. I’m young and am learning to be a father everyday and I know I fall short and make mistakes at times, I’m sorry. I’m Learning. I don’t have much to take from and that’s okay but I’m figuring my way. I promise you I’ll try everyday to be the best father I can be, I promise you I’ll wear you as my badge everyday and reach the top of that mountain on my terms with the two of you by my side InshAllah as my ultimate pride and glory.”

He concluded his note by wishing his daughter, “Happy birthday Lilly. I love you guys this much and more.



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