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Baba Jani Episode 13 Story Review – Fatal Decision

Baba Jani Episode 13 Story Review – This episode of Baba Jani had two of the most important decisions to its credit. Nimra made a decision which gave Asfand and Sadia the ultimate joy but Sadia’s decision caused nothing but harm both to herself and to those people who love her. Asfand, Sadia and Nimra never disappoint; their track always has something substantial to offer which gives you a reason to tune into this drama.

Najiba Wins, Asfand Loses

Even after trying his best to prove to Sadia that he loves her, Asfand lost in this episode. Najiba’s negativity and scheming won because she has always played on Sadia’s insecurities in every way possible. Even though Sadia was truly satisfied and content with the way things were but Najiba’s words changed everything altogether. Sadia’s thought process and her decision made sense but the fact that Asfand never talked to the doctor himself and did not insist that he wanted to go with Sadia the next time, was strange. Also, since Asfand has been accompanying Sadia regularly, he shouldn’t have fallen for this lie so easily. This development was definitely difficult to relate to. The fact that Sadia made this decision right after Nimra accepted Asfand as her father, suggested that she was now confident that Nimra will not be lonely even if she has to live without her mother. Sadia has always been shown as someone who does not want to burden anyone beyond a certain point therefore it seems that she took this decision to relieve Asfand from his duties as well. Also, any person who is sick for such a long time would naturally be very sensitive and hearing what Najiba said could have this kind of an affect. I am waiting to hear, what Sadia was thinking. Is she tired of being a burden? Is she ready to leave Nimra now because she knows that Asfand will be there for her? This development was very disturbing since the choice Sadia made was clearly not as “selfless” as she thought it was. I felt for Asfand and Nimra more than her since this was almost like “cheating” on these two beautiful individuals who love her so much. This twist in the story was shocking to say the least! I am pretty sure the final conversations between all of them are going to be extremely emotional.

Asfand Sahab Is Now Baba Jani

Yes! This development was the best part of tonight’s episode. The writer showed the gradual change in Nimra’s attitude towards Asfand in the previous few episodes therefore watching her accept Asfand as Baba Jani was easy to connect to and extremely heart-warming. I must say that this was yet another development which was not expected just now. The way this entire development was covered was beautiful. Everything Asfand said to Nimra and the way she changed his “status” after that conversation was touching. The lunch later on and the change in Nimra’s overall attitude was translated so well on screen. Faysal Qureshi and Madiha Imam both played their characters exceptionally well tonight. The happiness Asfand and Nimra both felt and the connection they have developed looked so natural on screen. Savera Nadeem, Faysal Qureshi and Madiha Imam have amazing on-screen chemistry which makes their scenes a treat to watch. They really do come across as people who belong together.

Nasir Finally Makes An Appearance

It was great to see Nasir back in the picture. He is one of the very few positive people in Asfand’s life and Tipu Sharif has played his part well too. I hope that we see more of him in the upcoming episodes. The viewers are getting an overdose of Najiba and we are hardly getting to see Nasir – some of Najiba’s scene need to be chopped down so that we can know what is going on in Asfand’s mind through his conversations with Nasir.

Realistic Scenes and Natural Performances

Even though Najiba gets on my nerves but I must say that even her scenes are extremely realistic. That scene in which the sisters were gossiping while they enjoyed pizza was funny and easy to relate to especially that addition of Najiba asking about the mirchei! Saba Hameed always performs brilliantly no matter which character she is playing. All the actors have given solid performances throughout.

The Real Story Has Just Started

I feel that the actual story will start once Sadia is out of the picture because then the focus is going to be entirely on Baba Jani and his daughter. Sadia is going to be missed and the next few episodes will be really emotional.

How many of you watched tonight’s episode? How many of you are angry at Sadia for making such a foolish and impulsive decision? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Baba Jani Episode 13

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