Babra Shareef Visited Aman Ullah Khan

Legendary Comedy Actor Aman Ullah has been hospitalized for about a week, he was reported to have a chest infection which got worse and he was immediately hospitalized for taken good care, later on, he got stable. Also, family has appealed to remember him in prayers.

Many of the actors from the industry sent him wishes and prayers. Most of them sent it through social media and urged fans to pray.

Besides this, he has been visited by many actors also Babra Shareef has just visited him today along with well wishes and love for him.

Aman Ullah Sir seemed happy to see her, also she seemed happy to have seen him recovering.

You all are requested to pray for our living legend.

Here are the pictures of both the living legends.
IMG 20190910 000434

20190910 000521

IMG 20190910 000453

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