I Don’t Believe In Having Relationships, Says Yumna Zaidi

The latest interview of Yumna Zaidi is giving us more information about what’s going on in her life. She is a talented actress having an elegant personality. Her work has got much praise from the audience.

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The interviewer asks, “How was your life in the USA?”

She replied, “I love Pakistan with my whole heart, I had no idea I will miss Pakistan this much when I moved to the USA. I am a very social person but when I moved to USA I stopped interacting with people. I started keeping myself busy and joined radio there. I gained a lot as a human being there.”

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On asking about her ideal relationship, she shared:

I planned my life differently but it turned out to be something else. God has planned for me in the best possible manner. I believe like God has made me this way and surely He has made someone for me. I don’t believe in extra relationships because the beauty of nikkah is very precious. I don’t take tension about this a lot because the tasks that have been given to me by God I need to fulfill those first.

Do you feel people consider you outdated and conservative in industry?

“Maybe they think like this for me but I am completely fine with that. I am happy as who I am, I do not need anyone’s support.”

On asking about her interest in working in the movie, she replied:

“I will love to work in movie. There are so many good movies produced in Pakistan. My selection is very hard. I want to work in movie but very selective. I will not be doing any item number.”

Here is her complete interview with Shaista on her show GupShup:

Gupshup with #ShaistaLodhi #YumnaZaidi

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