Badar Khalil talks about being humiliated because of Fawad Khan

Badar Khalil is a name that needs no introduction. One of the very first faces of the Pakistan drama industry and one of the most veteran actresses of all times, Badar Khalil is a legend. A force to reckon with, Badar Khalil has given to this industry so much that its hard to account for.

In a recent interview with Samina Pirzada, the veteran actress opened up about bidding farewell to the industry and how she had been spending time after her retirement as she called it.

However, the most important highlight of the interview was Badar Khalil opening up about the incident which made her quit the television industry she absolutely adored.

Talking about the heart wrenching incident where Badar Khalil was humiliated at the hands of Sultana Siddiqui of Hum TV, the veteran actress opened up emotionally.

“I didn’t want that Life Time Achievement award but I wanted respect. Whatever you give me will be my respect but she didn’t. I was hurt. That thing cause me heartache. Had she talked to me politely, I would have even forgotten that thing because I was so preoccupied but whatever happened did hurt me a lot. It made me sad,” said Badar Khalil calling the incident very unfair.

Badar Khalil also commented on the careless attitudes of the actresses of today who didn’t care about the script even a little.”They walk in to the sets in their night suits with their cups of coffee in their hands and then inquire about their scripts. When we used to act, we rehearsed and memorized each and everything by heart.”

“We didn’t work for fame, success or money, we did it to try something new whenever we took up a project,” added the veteran actress.

Badar Khalil also shared about her life back in Canada and how she had devoted her time to reading books and gaining as much new knowledge as possible.

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