Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 28 Story Review – Just End It

Ohkay so, I guess the only good thing about this episode is the fact that it has drawn the ending of this drama closer. It is absurd that the drama makers actually assumed that dragging a story like Ishq Zahe Naseeb would be a great idea. Guess what, the charm that this drama once had has been killed. I am just waiting to see how it ends & going by the preview, if they actually kill Sameer’s character, then I will definitely see it as a time wasted.

Unconvincing Situations:

In Ishq Zahe Naseeb, both Sami Khan & Zarnish Khan got a chance to showcase their acting skills & they made the most of this opportunity. Both Sami & Zarnish have performed brilliantly in this drama, however, their characters have absolutely lost the charm they once had. It is unfortunate that in the khichri of Shakira/Surraya/Sameer/Sameera, the writer started treating Kashif & Donia as an afterthought because their characters have got nothing to offer. Kashif is a one-dimensional, halat ka mara bechara & Donia, the girl who had so much happening for herself, had that sass, ended up becoming a victim of self-imposed misery. Before getting engaged to Kashif, Donia exactly knew that he was in love with someone, so how does it matter if that girl happens to be Gauhar & she has found about it now? Donia has blamed Gauhar for being equally responsible in betraying & deceiving Donia, which is bizarre. Donia knew what she was getting into, she was mature enough to asses that Kashif was never into her, so why is she reacting? To be honest, as much as Zarnish’s acting has been nice, this entire twist is uncalled for & so unnecessary that I find it boring!

This episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb contributed a lot to the noise pollution in Pakistan. The merging of one soundtrack into the other was also so poorly done that instead of adding some depth or emotions in the situation, it ended up being such a big distraction. In the scene where Sameer read Gauhar’s letter, I could barely hear him because of the annoyingly loud music. Sameer himself saw Sabeeha having an argument with Gauhar while assassinating her character & instead of stepping into that situation to save Gauhar from Sabeeha’s accusations, Sameer found the time to hallucinate. The very next day, Sameer seemed shocked when Noorah told him that Gauhar left after having an argument with Sabeeha, it was made to look like as if Sameer had no idea about it happening!?!?! I am sure even the director is confused & can not keep up between the switching of the scenes that he ended up making such a basic mistake. Director saab please end this drama, we have had enough & I am sure you’ve had enough too!

I don’t find Sabeeha or wouldn’t even find Sameer wrong if they react on Gauhar’s unannounced trips to outdoors. She got married into such a family which has always been very sophisticated & has followed a proper schedule as well as decorum for everything, so for Gauhar to just go in & out of the house out of her whim, that too without informing anyone does raise a lot of questions on her. Gauhar has always been someone who was conscious about her surroundings, the people around her, so for her to just do what she deems right, without informing her husband obviously means she is going to invite troubles her way, that too when she knows that Sabeeha’s on her case & is looking for reasons to throw her out of the house.

Sameer found out about Gauhar & Kashif. Jahangir & Sabeeha met & devised this plan – this entire situation did not interest me at all. What difference does it make & why can’t Sameer, like an adult speak to Gauhar about it & find out everything? Obviously she must have some explanation to give too? It was amusing that in this entire episode, there was not even a single interaction between the husband & wife, the only time Gauhar spoke to Sameer was through a letter – Bye Bye Whatsapp! Funny that Gauhar has been in contact with Kashif over the phone but when it comes to Sameer, she chose to write him a letter…logic!

Two things were made clear in this episode. One being that Shakira thought her son had passed away, that is why she did all of that to Sameer, it was kind of a revenge on Ehsan to mess the brains of his only son. Second, that the wheelchair ridden lady was Surraya, Sameer’s biological mother who dramatically passed away the moment Sameer came to see her! I am sorry but I really don’t know how to react on this because instead of feeling for her or Sameer or Akbar or finding this entire situation emotional, I ended up having a good laugh. May be the direction of that scene or the brief that the actor was given was funny, but I had a great time laughing my heart out. Yes, I think this is how the viewers end up taking a drama non-seriously when they drag it so much, plus the 4 commercial breaks weren’t helping either. Once again, good that Sameer has gotten clarity about Sabeeha but how is it going to do him any favors psychologically, he is quite disturbed already, isn’t he?

I feel it was unlike Gauhar that she decided to leave only because she had a spat with Sabeeha? Gauhar was not paying heed to her anyways & she was only focused on taking care of Sameer, so what happened there? I found this decision of Gauhar quite irrational & the entire situation unconvincing. It is quite obvious that even the drama makers are finding it hard to wrap this drama up, that is why most of the situations are not making much sense & are just being pushed to the limit.

Just End It:

The preview of the next episode suggested that may be Sameer will end up shooting himself or the trigger will be pulled by Gauhar by mistake, which means we’ll get to see the scene shown in the promos of Gauhar being dragged by the police & lying in the prison telling Kashif that she killed him. I think may be Sameer won’t die but Gauhar will assume that she killed him. The relationship that started off on a note of good communication was compromised due to unconvincing half-baked scenarios, it just does not make much sense. My only wish is to see this drama end because I am sure the viewers just like me have had enough. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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