Balaa Episode 23 & 24 Story Review – Unconvincing

Opening Thoughts – Unconvincing:

Ohkay so, this episode of Balaa was boring & unconvincing to say the least. All the things that are happening in this drama are amusing & just make no sense because at one hand the writer has given us such a conniving character but on the other hand we have such foolish characters who are digging their own graves. Despite not having a new story, Balaa still had a lot of potential but because the writer has reduced its level to such petty issues which revolve around jharu pocha, this drama has lost its impact!

Taimoor is Guilty & Junaid is Bipolar:

So, Taimoor got Batool married to Junaid & just like that, he woke up in a bad mood & turned against Nigar. Similarly, the woman who was stuttering in front of Nigar just a day before now started showing her tantrums & started speaking against her that too in front of her son, yes I am talking about Shama. The way the writer has fluctuated their characters & their reactions make it harder to take them seriously. Kal tak to Taimoor gave Nigar an award for being the best beti bahu biwi & now he didn’t even care & just left her on her own to do whatever she wanted to, that too when she was in the middle of an argument with Shama holding a mop in her hand?

I totally agreed to Nigar when she said that Taimoor was actually feeling guilty & was misbehaving by putting all the blame on her for Junaid’s drinking problems. No matter what Taimoor does or says, nothing will undo the damage that he has caused & the fact that it is he who has destroyed Batool’s life. The way everyone reacted upon finding out about Junaid’s drinking habit was so amusing, like what did they expect that he will leave everything only because he got married to Batool? Didn’t they know that the addicts have to go to a re-hab in order to leave it behind but all these naive people actually thought that shadi will act like a desi todka & har marz ki dawa & bring Junaid out of this? Seriously? Which world do they live in???

Junaid’s bipolar attitude is the last thing I wanted to see but unfortunately, the entire episode of Balaa was filled with him & his pathetic antics where he was either drinking, intimidating Batool or creating an issue over nothing. Junaid obviously is having issues trusting Batool because he thinks Zeba who loved him betrayed him so Batool who didn’t even want to get married to him wouldn’t be loyal to him. I totally believe that Taimoor should have had a conversation with Junaid in order to make up his mind & to find out if Junaid was in the right mindset to get married to Batool.

Again, it is so unconvincing that Junaid puts up an act in front of his in-laws & everyone believes him while completely ignoring the fact that Taimoor as well as Saleha also saw him drinking when they entered his room. The way this entire matter has been handled in this drama is quite unconvincing to the point of being ridiculous.

Nigar continued to make an issue over petty things & now Taimoor has directed his yelling energies towards his wife. This sudden flip in his attitude just didn’t make sense right from the moment the episode began. Well, Batool was trying go put up with Junaid but then even she was left confused with his behavior as he acted like a complete bipolar who was putting up an act of being nice as well as torturing Batool at the same time.

Closing Thoughts – This Might Get Depressing:

Overall, this episode of Balaa wasn’t special & was filled with unconvincing situations. The note at which this episode ended might change things in this drama for the better but I do have a feeling that everything will get depressing from now on. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Balaa.

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