Balaa Episode 29 & 30 Story Review – Depressing

Opening Thoughts – Nigar Has Too Much Power:

Ohkay so, this episode of Balaa was depressing & after watching it I not only felt disturbed but also wondered what the writer was trying to achieve by showing all such things? I understand that the writer has tried to make a point as to how someone evil can ruin a happy family unit but then all the things that have happened so far makes me wonder that isn’t the writer trying to give too much power to the culprit? Things have been unfavorable yes, but to make her the reason behind people’s deaths is too much? First Zeba, then Batool & now Saleha? Who’s going to be next? Shama, then Taimoor, then Junaid, then Zafar & in the end Balaa Nigaar herself? That’s the only justified ending I see of this drama. The only guy who will & who should survive is Yaqoob, as a compensation to all the beating he’s got so far!

Sad State of Affairs:

Nigar came back but then she again left after having a spat with Taimoor. What does Nigar expect? She has not accepted anyone from Taimoor’s family. She has literally ruined everything like she is not sincere to anyone including Taimoor so what does she expect – does she think Taimoor should hold her in his lap & twirl around singing a song of how she had made him so happy? Nigar is troubled so for her to expect only good things coming her way is her own mistake that too when she herself hasn’t done good to anyone around her. 

Junaid is engulfed in guilt that is why he was trying to find some repose in Shama’s lap. Zafar says that he wants to do good by Junaid but then he is not helping him at all. The first thing Junaid requires is a good psychiatrist who can make him come to terms with what has happened in his life & then give him the courage to own what he has done, but then this won’t happen because when it comes to showing these subjects, our writers always take a short cut & resort to an easy way out by ending that character’s life in a suicide. Yes, Junaid has hit the rock bottom but in stead of showing the pile of clichéd negativity, the writer could also have shown something useful in the form of Junaid’s sessions with the doctor but no, itna time aur deemagh kiss ke pass hai, inhain to bas ratings chahiyen!

Ohkay so, the writer has tried to show that just because Nigar didn’t tell anyone about Saleha’s condition, it got worse but then wasn’t Shama living with Saleha under the same roof? After Nigar left & went to her father’s home for 2 months, in those 2 months didn’t it ever occur to Shama that she should take her daughter to the hospital herself because as we can see, Saleha was suffering from chronic pains on a regular basis. Forget about Shama who is too bholi for her own disadvantage, didn’t Taimoor get a chance to pay heed to his sister’s condition considering his Balaa Nigar was gone home & he was alone spending time with his family? Yes, I am not a fan of Balaa’s character (I will refer to Nigar as Balaa from now on) but then again those around her have also only worked towards ruining their own lives so Balaa can not be held solely responsible for the things that have happened.

After so much has happened, Taimoor said he couldn’t find a the missing puzzle to complete the real picture but then this was coming from someone who actually didn’t do anything when Batool died – rather he chose to believe Balaa immediately that just because Hamza ran away, Batool definitely must have been cheating on Junaid, therefore he was justified for firing bullets at her or even Hamza? Taimoor has time & again showcased how brain-free he is therefore whatever he says now doesn’t make an ounce of a difference.

Saleha passed away but Safdar chose to stand by her. That entire scene was emotional & acted well but then, the amount of depression it caused was too much because all I was thinking about was the writer’s motive behind showing all of this. She has given Balaa a bit too much power over others where she always gets away, no one has the courage or brain to put two & two together & she ends up taking lives of others too but indirectly? Yes, Balaa has always initiated & instigated such situations but the saints & goodie-two-shoes characters have also played a part equally in reaching such limits. I will not hold Balaa responsible for all that has happened because Shama was the one who forced Taimoor to get married to her, Taimoor was the one who chose Juniad for Batool, Shama was the one who didn’t do anything to stop this marriage from happening in fact she used to convince Batool too & now Shama didn’t even notice the pain Saleha was suffering from…I mean c’mon, a mother always is vigilant towards her children but Shama is a gone case.

Closing Thoughts – Sickening Route To Ratings:

This episode of Balaa was disturbing & the writer should practice introspection after writing a drama like this. I remember loving & reviewing Zanjabeel Asim Shah’s Marasim, so I know that is her caliber but not sure what made her write Balaa??? The producers should be ashamed a little for going this far in order to generate ratings. What kind of dramas are they making seriously? It is shocking. This drama is full of negativity, I wish I could use the other word but I won’t because everyone knows as it’s self-explanatory. The only thing I find enjoyable is Zafar’s character, his antics & his mannerisms are funny. Sajid Hassan has nailed it. Bilal Abbas Khan should go for some lighter roles, they will suit his personality a bit more. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Balaa.

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