Balaa Episode 37 & 38 Story Review – Better Late Than Never

Opening Thoughts – One Sided Match Again:

Ohkay so, this episode of Balaa was definitely on a better note after a long long time but then, it will once again turn into a one-sided match with Taimoor winning this time around. If they had started this two-way battle before, things would have been much more interesting but chalo better late than never.

Nigar Confessed & Taimoor Has A Plan:

Taimoor finally got hold of the missing piece of puzzle that he was looking for in order to make up his mind about Nigar as well as decide a punishment for her. Hamza’s mother did the honors of being the first one to spill the beans about Nigar’s evil plans & that started the entire conversation where Taimoor got to hear the series of confessions about what Nigar has done all this while but I am glad that while telling who the mastermind was, everyone owned their mistakes, crimes & wrongdoings too. Hamza’s mother was the first one to tell Taimoor about how she played with Batool’s feelings while still blaming herself for Batool’s death & yes, she is also responsible. Similarly, Zafar let Taimoor know about how he lied about Batool’s death & ruined Junaid’s life in order to support to Nigar & he also held himself responsible for everything that happened. Later Saba told Taimoor everything that Mateen did & how Zeba paid the price for it & yes, she was regretful too because she did not feel pity on anyone to be with Mateen in the past.

Nigar finally got to confess how she maligned Taimoor’s heart against Batool & to hear her confess all of her wrongdoings while still making herself look like a victim was quite interesting, that entire scene was written well & the writer showed how Nigar had no remorse over what she has done in the past. This is what sets her apart from everyone else who has supported her through the course of destroying everyone – they all have regrets, they all are trying to make amends, they all are looking for some sort of punishment in order to put their hearts to ease but then comes Nigar who still fails to see her fault & thinks she is the victim here, not only that, she tried to justify her wrongdoings by giving it a name of love that she has for Taimoor!

When Taimoor left his job, I was thinking how did it even matter but I was pleasantly surprised when Taimoor came back home with a plan in his mind & not only that, he made Saba challenge Nigar & then one thing lead to another. Nigar ended up giving him the authority over her share of the business & now Taimoor is going to use it as a playground to destroy Zafar & Nigar. It is good to see Taimoor using his brains & coming up with one plan after another while still maintaining composure in front of Nigar. He knows that Nigar only wants his love & attention, so he is giving it to her but on his own terms.

The last & final nail in the coffin was Taimoor’s interaction with the doctor. Well, I will say though that the entire scene was poorly done because Nigar & Taimoor took their child to the hospital, so for a gynaecologist to show up & then say she’ll send a paediatrician was illogical. Also, that doctor attended Saleha’s Nikkah, if not Nikkah but she did get to know about Saleha’s condition when she was in the hospital so it is highly unlikely that she hadn’t seen Saleha or recognized her before. The beginning of the entire conversation where the doctor was still unsure & ambiguous was unconvincing but I think they now just focused on getting the message across to Taimoor therefore they didn’t really put much thought to the technicalities. Well, this was yet another secret that was unveiled in front of Taimoor & he got another answer that he was looking for. Not sure if he will also find out about what Nigar did to Shama before she left the house because that is one more thing that he should know. Anyways, Taimoor posed to be all calm & collected in front of Nigar but deep inside he had this storm brewing in his mind & heart where he wanted to punish Nigar for all that she has done. I will once again say, better late than never.

Closing Thoughts – Is It Ending?

Well the preview of the next episode was basically a recap of the entire drama & this is something they usually do when the drama’s ending in the next episode so yes, I’d be glad if they end Balaa next week but I totally feel it will be rushed because dedicating 36 episodes to the negativity of one character & only 4 episodes (or even 6 for the sake of argument) to bring the character to punishment is not too convincing because we can see the imbalance in the ratio. Anyways, it is good that the door to Nigar’s destruction has finally opened & we’ll get to see her end. For the first time ever since the drama has begun, I found Bilal Abbas Khan’s acting convincing & strong. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Balaa.

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  • Should have spent at least 10 episodes, as there were 39 altogether, on balaa’s demise.
    After enduring so much during her reign of horror, we needed to see her suffer more

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