Balaa Last Episode Story Review – Lame

Opening Thoughts – Lame & Unconvincing Ending:

Ohkay so, last night Balaa came to an end. I did make up my mind that I’d watch the double episode in one go & review it right away but I dozed off in the middle & couldn’t keep my eyes open – shows the amount of patience & interest I was left with for Balaa. Anyways, just like everyone out there, I am also just so glad that it is over but talking about the last episode, to me it was lame & totally unconvincing & I have quite a lot of reasons which made me feel that way!


The drama lasted for 40 episodes & they dedicated 36 episodes to Nigar’s atrocities but when it came to having her taste her own medicine, only 4 episodes were kept for that? It just shows that the writer believed in doing everything that would generate ratings by pushing the negativity to whole new level week after week & when it was time for a proper closure, she made things unrealistically seamless & swift, which made me wonder why didn’t Taimoor display such wisdom & intelligence by cracking his wife’s agendas before? This is another reason which makes me feel that the ending of this drama was lame.

Nigar kept Taimoor occupied & tangled in her lies for so long & Taimoor allowed that to happen but when he made up his mind that he will now give it back to Nigar, everything was served to him in a golden platter. Everyone came one after another to confess their sins & Taimoor started finding out the truth which suggested that if everyone had kept their mouths shut, Taimoor would’ve never ever found out what actually happened & how Nigar was behind everything? Such an unconvincing way of showing the hero victorious by seeking revenge for his mother & sisters’ death whereas in reality, he didn’t do anything himself!

Taimoor made up his mind & started working on his plan of destroying Zafar & Nigar’s life. I was never a fan of Taimoor’s character because for me, he was a weak character who had no brains & no backbone & the last episode proved my point further. Whatever Nigar did with everyone & in the end Shama was in line with her character because she was shown to be a psychopath right from the beginning who had no conscience, no compassion & no regrets for what she used to do but Taimoor was raised by a God-fearing mother who instilled all that was good in him so to actually see him deriving satisfaction while Nigar cut her hair was actually disgusting. Is this what the writer was trying to show? That first you should keep your eyes closed to someone’s atrocities but when you start seeing everything, you should stoop to their level & do much worse than they did. My point is, Nigar was not mentally stable right from the beginning but Taimoor was so to me, he turned out to be a bigger culprit for pushing Nigar to that level where she lost her senses while he stood there like an amused spectator who was having a good time watching the entire circus. Taimoor was mentally stable so for him to see it all happening right in front of his eyes was disturbing. At first despite having brains, he didn’t really use them & when he did, it was only to destroy someone? So I guess it does prove his point that he himself was a Balaa like he said! No, I am not giving Nigar a clean chit at all & to be honest I expected much worse ending than she got but I wanted to see her punishing herself & not getting punished by Taimoor who in my opinion was in no place of doing that because he never once stopped her in the first place so he shouldn’t have been the one who pushed her to that limit in the end!

It is amusing that Taimoor will now get to live a luxurious life with his second wife only because his first wife Nigar loved him so much that she gave him everything that she had, be it her share in family business or her father’s home which was under her ownership too. I thought they’d show that Taimoor made Zafar go bankrupt but in the end they only showed that Zafar was made to leave the house? Zahir hai bhai, our writers can no go into technicalities & intricacies because they don’t have much intelligence as well as time to show all of that. Inhain bas burai aur negativity dikhani ati hai. It is funny that in a drama where the main character was a psychopath, she was never once taken to a psychiatrist. Why can’t our writers show proper solutions? Why is it either black or white? It is unfortunate that Nigar & Taimoor also had a baby together. Poor Saad!

Closing Thoughts – Sigh of Relief:

Well, I am glad that Balaa is over & I have never felt relieved this way before at the end of a drama. I think Fahad Mustafa should realize that apart from distributing bikes & doing Thakki Tikki Tha, he has more responsibilities as a producer & as someone who has a position in the industry to produce better dramas & not craps like these. Zanjabeel Asim Shah should take a break & stop spewing so much of negativity because it eventually comes to bite you back as well. I know it was just a drama but whatever she was trying to show didn’t really make it to our TV screens & just got lost like a lice in Nigar’s wig. Speaking of which, I now get why Ushna Shah was made to wear the wig, it was for this haircut scene in the last episode because other than that I just don’t see any justification behind such a hideous decision. Bilal Abbas Khan should start delivering dialogues properly & stop mumbling because almost in the entire episode he was inaudible & it was hard to understand what he was trying to say. Acting nikalne se pehle hi zubaan aur thook mai roll ho gai, lol. This is something that he should work on. Sajid Hassan’s acting was consistently good. Samina Peerzada was the only good thing about this drama, her persona & grace was mesmerizing in the initial episodes, too bad that Shama later died of a haircut, lol! Chalo, is se pehle ke I start giving it Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai & Aahista Aahista treatment, I will end this review now by only saying that for me Balaa turned out to be a sick joke & I am glad it is over. Pour your heart out guys.

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  • I got such a kick out of your reviews!! I got tired of this drama by episode 11 and wanted to know what happened so just read your reviews and watched the last 3 episodes only. That drama was as painful to watch as you said and I give respect to you for actually sitting through the whole thing. I forwarded through it. Complete bakwaas

  • Nigar khud ko kabhi punish nahi karegi kyun ki usne kabhi maana hi nahi ki usne kuch kiya hai aur writer ne ye drama acha likha hai kyun ki negativity hi is dramey me main thi to muje to nahi lagta unho ne negativity dikha kar galat kiya hai ushna shah played very well bilal ne bi bohot achey se kiya night’s father is outstanding act stamina peerzada is brilliant I liked this drama very much

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