Be Aib- Episode 9 – 12 Shadi ke side effects

The past four episodes had a lot happening- Taimoor & Inaya’s wedding, Tooba’s helplessness and ultimately Sadaf’s big win with a grand wedding for Tooba & Fawad- there were all of two extra guests present! Sadaf gave detailed instructions to Tooba about keeping secrets and more pointless banter but Tooba moved from one master to another and spilt the beans about Taimoor and how her mother got in the way of her happiness. Hearing Tooba’s tragic tale, Fawad decided he needed to let the cat out of the bag and disclosed the details of his first wedding. Tooba behaved sensibly- okay no, I’m giving her far too much credit here. She thought it was acceptable since she now does everything Fawad tells her. But Sadaf isn’t happy with Fawad anymore since she’s cuckoo and her useless husband can’t seem to muster the courage to give her a much needed jolt and snap her out of her hysteria.

Sadaf was unhappy that Fawad didn’t obey her the way she expected and that Tooba was getting comfortable with him. She didn’t like seeing Tooba voicing her thoughts as she felt insulted and hated losing control. Sadaf started meddling in their lives which made Fawad think that for his marriage to work, they need some space from Sadaf. They made plans to relocate but since Tooba can’t think for herself to take any decisions, she procrastinated and that gave Sadaf time to snoop further and she found out that Fawad was previously married. The whole text message scene was sickening- but then nothing about Sadaf surprises me anymore. Sadaf’s determined to get Tooba divorced and will start seeking another perfect match for her supposedly perfect daughter… sigh…

Even though Taimoor and Inaaya are married, they are far from a couple and only put up an act in front of their families so as not to upset them. The doctor who confirmed that Taimoor will forever be subjected to living like a handicap had a revelation-Taimoor can recover and walk again! All he needed was some TLC and Inaaya provided buckets of that. Shahana and her mister are forever stuck in their living rooms dressed up like they’re going somewhere. The monotony is really irritating. I only wish they’d teach their beloved bahu how to dress up.

Out of all the characters, I must admit I actually think Safi and his wife Aisha are the absolute worst- don’t get me wrong Sadaf is outright evil but these two are deplorable. I can’t help but wonder why we are constantly made to feel like we should empathize with them- why??? Especially when we hear their private conversations where they hope Shahana APA won’t ask for money back and they are hoping to buy a new home. Safi admitted he’s made countless mistakes, severed his ties with Sadaf over a jointly owned property, caused Shahana Apa’s husband to suffer huge financial losses yet they’re the ones we should be rooting for? Their constant pity parties are revolting and I can’t seem to find a single good thing to say about them. These are the kinds of relatives who harbour jealousy and feel they are entitled to a share of their wealth. For some odd reason, the writer seems to have oodles of sympathy towards them and has ensured they get their happy ending- having their daughter married off where they had hoped, having their son become an overnight business tycoon who’s now setting up a base in Dubai and finally having a brand new home, they seem to have their lives sorted.

Why do I continue watching this? I honestly don’t know. Maybe I enjoy torturing myself with stupidity every now and then to test my tolerance…

Kanwal Murtaza


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