Beautiful Clicks of Faisal Qureshi With Wife & Daughter from Dubai

Faysal Qureshi is on his way to Dubai with his family for some vacation. 

Faysal Qureshi is an amazing Pakistani actor, model, and a host who has been working for the television industry for a very long time now. He gave many hit Urdu dramas and gained massive respect and appreciation from the audience. 

Apart from work, Faysal is an amazing father. He never misses a chance to express his love for his cute little daughter. He takes out time for his family from his busy working schedule. 

Recently, Faysal Qureshi took a break from his work to take his family on vacation. The whole family went to Dubai for enjoyment. 

Here are beautiful clicks of Faysal Qureshi with his wife and daughter from Dubai. Have a look! 

Faisal Qureshi 1

Faisal Qureshi 2

Faisal Qureshi 3

Faisal Qureshi 4

Faisal Qureshi 5

Faisal Qureshi 6

Faisal Qureshi 7

Faisal Qureshi 8

Faisal Qureshi 9


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