Beautiful Dresses of Minal Khan From Drama Serial Jalan

Minal Khan is one of the most popular actresses of the Pakistani drama industry. She started her acting career as a child artist but over the years, has worked really hard to carve a niche for herself. Minal Khan is regularly seen on TV screens and she has made a name for herself with her hard work and consistency.

There is no denying the fact that Minal Khan has her own style and knows how to carry both western and eastern attires to perfection. No matter which outfits she wears, she always adds a personal touch and makes them her own.

Currently, Minal Khan is seen in drama serial Jalan, although the character of Nisha that she is playing is far from being an ideal person, it has to be acknowledged that Minal Khan has looked stunning throughout the drama. The character of Nisha is young, modern, and stylish, she likes to be the center of attention, therefore this is exactly the look that Minal Khan and her stylists have chosen for the drama. Nisha has worn different varieties of dresses, with some being simple floral and feminine lawn prints to others being trendy and chic articles of clothing; in every episode, she has looked gorgeous and has made even the simplest of dresses look stunning.

Here are some of the best dresses worn by Minal Khan in drama serial Jalan:

Yellow Silk Trapeze Shirt

Minal Khan wore a silk trapeze silhouette shirt and looked absolutely stunning. In this scene, in particular, she dressed up because she wanted to grab the attention of Asfand. Yellow definitely is one of the most difficult colors to work with but seeing Minal Khan in yellow shows that it surely is her color. The shirt had a digitally printed parrot along with some bold floral design at the border of the shirt, making it a trendy-chic outfit. She kept her accessories simple and wore a gorgeous deep shade of red lipstick. Minal Khan’s hair, makeup, and jewelry choices have been superb in Jalan.

Minal Khan 1 16 Minal Khan 2 16

Minal Khan 3 16
Minal Khan 4 14
Minal Khan 5 14 Minal Khan 6 8
Minal Khan 7 5

Red Denim Look Suit

This was another outfit that was trendy and modern. The short shirt had denim look to it with the pockets and button studded detailing at the front of the shirt. She wore it with loose red shalwar, making it a solid colored suit. This color of red looked good on her. The addition of white dupatta broke the monotony of the color and was a nice touch, which matched the threaded detailing on the shirt.

Minal Khan 1 15 Minal Khan 2 15 Minal Khan 3 15 Minal Khan 4 13 Minal Khan 5 13 Minal Khan 6 7 Minal Khan 7 4 Minal Khan 8 2

Golden Baaraat Lehenga

Minal Khan wore a gorgeous golden silk lehenga in one of the wedding sequences. It was a dull gold color but the flashy fabric made it stand out. The entire lehenga shirt had beautiful embellishment all over it, and the overall look of this formal dress was vintage, making it look like it belonged to one of the brides of the olden era. The diagonal colorful dupatta was another nice addition to this overall dress. She picked a solid choker and matching earrings. Her styling and fresh glowy makeup was a perfect choice to go with this dress.

Minal Khan 1 14 Minal Khan 2 14 Minal Khan 3 14 Minal Khan 4 12 Minal Khan 5 12 Minal Khan 6 6 Minal Khan 7 3 Minal Khan 8 1 Minal Khan 9 1 Minal Khan 10 1 Minal Khan 11

Colorful Traditional Shirt

This shirt was definitely one of the best outfits that Minal Khan has worn so far in drama serial Jalan. It was colorful and had a traditional ethnic touch to it. It is unfortunate that almost throughout the drama, there are hardly any full-length shots of Minal Khan which makes it harder to pick up the details of her dresses. This shirt was layered, almost making it look like an overall coat that she was wearing on top of colorful fabric. The mirror and threaded embroidery all over the shirt add design details to the dress.

Minal Khan 1 13 Minal Khan 2 13 Minal Khan 3 13 Minal Khan 4 11 Minal Khan 5 11

Black Textured Dress

Although this was one of the simplest dresses that Minal Khan wore in Jalan, the way she has carried it with some of the intricate design details all over the dress goes to show that at times simplest of dresses can look this good too if carried nicely. It was a textured black shirt with golden laces which were used as design details. She draped a black dupatta over it and kept her entire look simple and nice.

Minal Khan 1 12 Minal Khan 2 12 Minal Khan 3 12 Minal Khan 4 10 Minal Khan 5 10

Sea Green Formal Suit

This was another gorgeous suit that Minal Khan wore for pretty much a single scene in the entire drama. It was a beautiful chiffon sea-green shirt with gorgeous and intricate beige and white thread work all over it. This color definitely suited Minal Khan and her choice of bright dark lipstick went perfectly with the overall look that she carried.

Minal Khan 1 11 Minal Khan 2 11 Minal Khan 3 11 Minal Khan 4 9 Minal Khan 5 9

Yellow Floral Lawn Dress

In drama serial Jalan, Minal Khan has worn a lot of florals and has pretty much picked an array of shades available in beautiful feminine girly floral prints. This is one of those cute prints that she carried beautifully. A yellow-based lawn shirt with pink and purple floral pattern all over. The golden lace was used as a design detail with buttons in the middle of the shirt. She paired it with peach dupatta and it complimented the dress.

Minal Khan 1 10 Minal Khan 2 10 Minal Khan 3 10 Minal Khan 4 8 Minal Khan 5 8 Minal Khan 6 5 Minal Khan 7 2

Bright Orange Dress

This is another one of the simplest and trendy prints that Minal Khan has worn in the drama. It is interesting to note that the simplest of prints have been designed with different patterns making them look uber chic. Who would’ve thought that a cute little simple print like this over the bright orange base could look this good. She used lace as a design element and the shirt had bell bottom sleeves and a pearled button studded at the front of the shirt. She wore white trousers and dupatta with this. To match the pearl studs on her shirt, she wore a pearl pendant too.

Minal Khan 1 9 Minal Khan 2 9 Minal Khan 3 9 Minal Khan 4 7 Minal Khan 5 7 Minal Khan 6 4 Minal Khan 7 1

Peach Embroidered Lawn Suit

This was a beautiful lawn suit worn by Minal Khan. It had different shades of peaches and pinks, with some grey in the printed design on her sleeves and lawn dupatta. This entire dress was eye-catching and looked good on her. It is interesting to note that she has experimented with her styling and carried all sorts of prints beautifully.

Minal Khan 1 8 Minal Khan 2 8 Minal Khan 3 8 Minal Khan 4 6 Minal Khan 5 6

Green Floral Lawn Dress

This lime and green floral print was beautiful and looked cute on Minal Khan. This was yet another dress that showed that the simplest of designs can be dressed up and worn for a casual day look. The intricate gota laces have been the most commonly used finishing in most of her dresses in this drama. It was a collared shirt with loose full sleeves. She draped a green dupatta with golden sequins splattered all across it.

Minal Khan 1 7 Minal Khan 2 7 Minal Khan 3 7 Minal Khan 4 5 Minal Khan 5 5 Minal Khan 6 3

Royal Blue Polka Dotted Dress

Polka dots can never go wrong or out of fashion, and considering the amount of cute girly prints that Minal Khan has worn, it was imperative that she had to have one polka-dotted print in her collection. Once again, a simple dress with simple design elements to it such as bell-bottom sleeves and gota lace all around the shirt. She wore it with white trousers and draped a black dupatta with it. A casual yet perfect day look.

Minal Khan 1 6 Minal Khan 2 6 Minal Khan 3 6 Minal Khan 4 4 Minal Khan 5 4

Black & Beige Lawn Suit

This was a beautiful lawn shirt that had a gorgeous printed design. The front and the back panels of the shirt were different, giving it a design edge. The dupatta was made of chiffon fabric and followed pretty much the similar pattern on her shirt. She paired it with white cropped fitted trousers. In this scene, Minal Khan’s makeup was on fleek too.

Minal Khan 1 5 Minal Khan 2 5 Minal Khan 3 5 Minal Khan 4 3 Minal Khan 5 3 Minal Khan 6 2

Sea Green Silver Walima Dress

This was a formal sea-green dress that she wore in one of the wedding functions of her sister. This dress was made out of similar fabric such as her golden lehenga. The fabric itself had a regal look to it. The sea-green base was embellished with silver materials and had pearly details to it. This was a gorgeous look that Minal Khan carried throughout these scenes with her hair tied up and makeup simple and fresh. The bright berry pink lipstick that she wore suited her complexion a lot.

Minal Khan 1 4 Minal Khan 2 4 Minal Khan 3 4 Minal Khan 4 2 Minal Khan 5 2 Minal Khan 6 1

White Satin Suit

It won’t be wrong to say that white is definitely Minal Khan’s color. She has carried this simple satin white suit so beautifully. This dress was simple but still had a formal look to it with beautiful tassel button detailing and Chinese collar. She paired it with embroidered stylish tulip shalwar and wore khussas as her footwear. Minal Khan’s dark brown hair color looked gorgeous over the base of white fabric.

Minal Khan 1 3 Minal Khan 2 3 Minal Khan 3 3 Minal Khan 4 1 Minal Khan 5 1

Deep Red Dress

This was yet another simple print that Minal Khan chose to wear in the drama serial Jalan. These dresses can be taken as an inspiration by young girls to realize that they can make the simplest of prints work so beautifully. A beautiful tiny print over the deep red base and finished with cute buttons at the front of the shirt. These kinds of dresses have shown that you can still look stylish while feeling absolutely comfortable in casual lawn outfits.

Minal Khan 1 2 Minal Khan 2 2 Minal Khan 3 2

This completes the look book of Minal Khan from drama serial Jalan. Which one of her looks and dresses have you liked the most? Feel free to share your opinion.


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