Biggest Blunders of Nida Yasir on Her Morning Show

Nida Yasir has been the talk of the town more than once but never for the right reasons. She has been hosting ARY’s morning show for many years and according to her, it has been a joyride which helped her learn along the way. Nida started hosting morning shows because she did not have the time for acting after becoming a mother of 3 kids. We are all fully acquainted with the criteria based on which morning show hosts are chosen to do the job.

The top criteria for being a morning show host would be a complete lack of common sense. Anyone with common sense would question all that they are asked to do while hosting a morning show. Morning show hosts such as Shaista Lodhi, Sanam Jung, and even Nadia Khan have repeatedly complained about the format of these shows.

The viewers are no longer welcoming of such shows as well which is why ARY and PTV are the only two channels right now which continue to air such shows. While PTV’s show has a completely different format, Nida Yasir openly declared in an interview that there is no room for ‘educational’ shows since they do not get the ratings. This makes us wonder if there was indeed such a trend would channels hire people such as Nida Yasir to host them?

Nida Yasir has always ‘owned’ whatever she has done in these shows. She calls her audience her ‘maika’ (mother’s house) so that she can give them a sense of belonging. In all these years, Nida has been in trouble more than once. People have often pointed out her blunders but that does not put an end to them.

Here is a look at all those times when Nida Yasir made a complete fool out of herself for the sake of TRPs.

Planted Shows

Nida Yasir has a made fool of her ‘maikay walay’ more than once. She has repeatedly invited ‘actors’ to her shows who pretended to be victims. When people started noticing the trend and called her out, Nida lied and said that she always discloses in her shows that these were not actual people with the problem but actors who were simply ‘dramatizing’ the situation for the audience. This explanation, like all of Nida’s explanation, made little sense. Morning shows are reality shows, the audience doesn’t come to watch the show to watch actors perform on stage. This was also a blatant lie as is explained in the video below.

Nida now makes sure that whenever she does something like this she tells the audience that these are actually actors. She has therefore mended her ways but only because she was caught multiple times.

Shabbir Jan Lashing Out on Her

Shabbir Jan was invited to Nida Yasir’s show and he was informed that she was going to ask him some ‘serious’ questions. She continued asking one personal question after the other even though he made it quite clear that he wasn’t happy with the questions. Ultimately he lost his temper completely and walked out of the show. Later on, Nida said that all of this was staged but Shabbir Jan’s wife in Nadia Khan’s show stated that she was merely covering up for the situation!

This shows how desperate Nida is for the TRPs and she is more than content with putting up with anything at all to stay in the business!

Showing ‘Not-so-Expensive’ Branded Shopping

Nida actually dedicated an entire show to showing the ‘branded’ things she bought while she was away for a holiday while the guests sat there and watched her. She kept on saying she got really good deals and that she didn’t have to pay a lot for these things but then she showed sunglasses and shoes from the most high-end brands. This gave rise to a lot of criticism since no matter what Nida said this looked more like some rich woman flaunting her expensive shopping in front of an audience who couldn’t even dream of buying these things.

Provoking Ahmed Shah

Nida Yasir always makes sure that she invited every person to her show who enjoys popularity. When Ahmed Shah’s video went viral, he was also invited to Nida’s show. She instigated him to misbehave in front of the camera. Not only this she also asked the other children to follow what Ahmed was doing. She deliberately took something he was playing with so that he would get angry and react. Only Nida Yasir could have acted so immaturely for the sake of ratings.

Stupid Questions Galore

When these young and bright students came to Nida Yasir’s show, they obviously had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Nida proved yet again that she lacked basic general knowledge while she questioned them about the formula car. As if this was not enough she went on to ask if there would be ‘flying cars’ in this competition that they participated in. Nida Yasir is known for asking the most foolish questions from her guests but this particular instance was simply unbelievable.

Insensitive Questioning From Guests

Lately, Nida Yasir has been criticized more than ever because of the most insensitive questions she asked the parents of a rape victim. Nida later gave the explanation that she was merely trying to ‘educate’ people and her show helped this rape victim’s parents find justice. The fact that she tried to justify her action goes to show that she even though she ‘apologized’ she doesn’t think that there was anything wrong with what she said.

When all of this happened, Noor Bukhari who has also hosted morning shows for a couple of years said that as a host she was asked to make people cry.

Biggest Blunders of Nida Yasir on Her Morning Show

Aiman and Minal who have been invited as guests on many such shows also made fun of morning shows in one of their live sessions.

Nida Yasir is really happy with everything she has achieved so far and all the criticism falls on deaf ears. It is truly sad that the leading channel of Pakistan has set such low standards for itself. Such shows have made a mockery out of people’s troubles many times. Although Nida says she wants to make her viewers happy but she only wants to make those people happy to pay her a good sum for all these blunders! You know that there is something wrong with society when someone like her continues to host shows and makes such ‘mistakes’ repeatedly yet her morning show does not go off the air. The responsibility for this rests with the channel and the host but no one is willing to take responsibility for it. Nida Yasir seems to hit a new low every single time but for how long will this continue?


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  • Yar is nida ki jan chirh do ab kisi new talent ko ane do nida to ab waise hi achi ni lgti har subha isko dekh dekh k dil uktaa sa gya he.. So ab kisi naye chehre ko moqa de do yar inta talent he hmare pakistan me lekin showbiz wale bs apni rishtedaariyen paalne me lge hue he agr ye log kisi aur ko moqa deinge me likh k de skti hn k inki raiting din b din brhey gi so plz ab bin sbko farig kro yar

  • All the actors, anchors, and host are fake they have 2 faces from up they are showing one & behind is the other one in society noone criticise on them noone taking action against them coz they are stars in the end where they will go to Grave and show these faces to Allah.

      • Might have done in the past. Her current show on PTV is good. It’s an infotainment show. The good thing is she lets her guests talk too. I watched one of her shows on freelancing and it was very nicely done!

  • Nida Yasir comes across as very uneducated and backwards and I can’t believe her show has been airing for so long. I think ARY is damaging its reputation as one of Pakistan’s leading channels by working with her.

    I have seen clips of Nadia Khan’s show online and I must admit it is more positive, informative and simple in format.

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