Shaan Shahid And Vasay Chaudhry Jumped Into An Argument About Late Madam Noor Jahan’s House

Pakistan government has allocated 50 million for repair and restoration of 15 historical buildings. When the news was shared by Express Tribune on Twitter film star Shaan Shahid came forward with his own cavil.

Shaan Shahid

According to Shaan Shahid the house of Late Madam Noor Jahan that has been converted into a plaza must be reserved by government and converted into Madam Noor Jahan Museum.

shaan 1

Vasay Chaudhry jumped into the debate, disagreed with Shaan and told him that Madam Noor Jahan sold her house with her will, it was her personal property.

Vasay 2

Here is the complete debate of Shaan Shahid and Vasay Chaudhry:

“Madam Noor jahans house has become a plaza … sad our legends deserve it to” wrote Shaan

“She Sold that house out of her own will ,where as the other house in question is a totally different story” Vasay Chaudhry replied to Shaan’s tweet

“The govt should have paid for her house and made it a madam Noor jehan museum..” Shaan argued further

“I disagree Sir, The govt commemorated her with Civil awards & other aclodes in her life time. It was her private property and Buying her house ( specially when she was not even in the need for money) doesn’t make sense , given the economic situation of our country.” Vasay ended the discussion with a comprehensive reply


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