Being A Single Mother

Motherhood is the most difficult and yet the job that is the most loved job. This job seems a lot tougher when you are the single mother of your child. Motherhood brings lots of hugs, kisses, laughter and thousands of precious moments. Being a single mother is more than just enjoyment, it is a big challenge. In societies like Pakistan, nowadays due to some space for modernization, single mothers are being accepted by the society whether they are divorced or widowed. People give them respect and honour which was previously not given. This article is for all the single mothers out there. I salute you for your sacrifices, courage and hard work. A single mother has to be the mother and the father of her child at the same time. She must be capable enough to perform the house hold duties, the office duties and also the child’s duties. Single mothers have no day off, they have to work all day in the office and at home and they can not sleep until their child sleeps. She has to work like a machine all the time just for the sake of her child’s better life.

They have to raise their child by taking care of him, by letting him know the right and wrong things, by looking after him and much more. They have to see whether he or she is in a good company or not. They have to make him feel that they are always there. There are moments when the child feels the need of a father but at that time you have to let him know that you are always there by his side no matter what. Children can be very demanding and irritating at times. The feelings that they give to their mother are those that no other person can feel. Their funny questions, their drawings everything has a message that only a mother can understand much better than the others. A child will scream if you don’t buy him chocolates, he will run away if you force him to brush his teeth and he will laugh at you when you are all sweaty in the kitchen, at all these times only a mother knows how to treat her child.

A single mother spends a lot of time in making her child feel special. She cooks his favourite meal, buys him new toys, leaves him to school, participate in everything he wants but still there is a space left and there is a time when the child asks his mother that all my friends have fathers, where is my father? A very close friend of mine has been through a separation and I know how difficult it is for her to spend her time satisfying her child. Men don’t understand this; if they are given the responsibility of the child only then they will know the perfect meaning and importance of a mother. It is very easy for them to break a relationship but it is always the sacrifice and compromise of the mother. She has to think of thousand things before going for a separation and the man just goes for what he wants to do. A single mother does feel the need of a husband, a father for her child, someone to share things with and most of all someone to share the enchanting moments of their children.

After all the days tiring work, when the child goes to sleep, the mother just lies down and thinks that if she had her partner with her then how would life be? This is the time when she wishes truly to have someone who could take care of her feelings, her tiredness and most of all her tantrums. According to me, couples should not have children if they think that they are not compatible with each other. If a couple is facing problems and they are having fights then they must take measures to either solve the issues or go for a separation before having children. Moreover if they have children, then they must take the option of separation out of their mind. God gives children to see whether the parents raise them well or not and if we fight and get separated then how this will affect he mentality of the children. We must think about the children’s future before making any decision because a couple has this gift of a baby then all their decisions revolve around the baby’s life.

Written by: Moomal Hassan.


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.