Pakistan Idol – Week 05!

Well another exciting week of Pakistan Idol ended with a few surprises & a few surprising eliminations. A lot of those contestants who seemed promising didn’t do well & were eliminated & sadly I was rooting for quite few of them too but never-mind.

Theater round was divided into 2 levels where in the first stage the contestants had to sing in a form of duos & trios but later as they qualified, they had to perform solo songs. It was amazing to see so many of them who sounded just fine in the auditions do extremely well with the band & then there were those as well who projected their vocals brilliantly but when asked to be singing along the other contestants & with the band, they were awful.

Those who were good but didn’t make through the theater rounds were Asif Hussain, Salman Cecil, Ramzan Ali, Shahid Ali Sonu. I actually thought that most of them would be qualified but may be they didn’t perform that well. Gopal Guddu Ram had strong vocals but I think he lacked concentration & for that he was out of the race. Even though he came up with a lot of excuses but they seemed really vague because given the concentration & the yearning he showed in the beginning, it completely looked like he took the chance for granted. At first he complained about not being able to read the lyrics but I think any one can put a song on the loop to memorize it because it goes without saying that he was participating in Pakistan Idol & then he came up with the say about his Father’s weak health. I think he had a lot of potential but God knows what got into him.

Round two was quite interesting because all the contestants had to sing solely. Sana, Yasir & Omar were all the best buddies & Sana even though her throat was giving her a hard time sang ‘Dil Dharkay’ appropriately. Yasir & Omar sang ‘Rangin Hai Tu’ & both of them weren’t as impressive but still they managed to qualify for the Piano Round along with their friend Sana Zulfikar.

Mehwish Maqsood sang ‘Ishq Sufiyana’ & she was as usual impressive. 4 of the girls Malaika, Ghazal Ali, Nadia Hashmi, Fizza Javed sang ‘Naina’ & all four of them disappointed the judges. I was sad when Ghazal couldn’t make it through because she had that quality in her.

The only contestant who did extremely well in solo round was Syed Ali Asad who sang ‘Pyaar Mujhse Nahi Hai’. Ali Azmat actually commended him for his performance & yeah, he nailed it. I found his performance the best because may be he picked every detail quickly whereas the others kept on struggling. Kashif Ali & Zamad Baig were again friends who sang the same song by Rabbi ‘Tere Bin’ but they did pretty well too & for that they both were through to the piano round.

Judgements session was interesting too but I was disappointed to see Ghazal Ali & Nadia Hashmi eliminated because they both were great. A few other contestants were selected in the top 24 but their names weren’t mentioned. Nazish got qualified but she withdrew from the show because of her personal issues at home & the moment she back out I hoped that the chance was given to Ghazal & it happened. It was a perfect decision made by the judges but I would’ve been more happy if she qualified on her own because she was unique in her own way. I am definitely rooting for Ghazal Ali & Rosemary as they both are amazing & in the guys Syed Ali Asad is definitely impressive.

Have your say at who is your favorite so far & whose elimination disappointed you!
Definitely looking forward to the Piano round this week.

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