Besharam – Episode 09!

Ohkay so, this episode of Besharam took the story forward & showed a tinsy bit of progress in the story. I must say, I am totally hooked to this show & this is the only drama that I look forward to every week. I love how the personalities of all the characters have been established & each one of them stands apart in their own certain way. However, I wish to see some more scenes of Haider & Mishi together & I want to see them working together to strengthen their relationship with each other.

As much as the character of Saba is interesting, I think she is getting a tad bit more coverage than she deserves. The entire scene of Saba trying to become a part of Mishi’s group seemed unnecessary but yes, one thing that disappointed me was the way Saba first lied to Mishi & then to her mother. I actually thought that Saba was naive, straight forward & adorable but the face that we saw of hers this time around suggested the opposite. It was understandable that she gave those details to her mother in a hope of bagging some suits that she was eyeing, which was realistic & amusing but there was no need for her to say one thing to Mishal & use the same things against her in front of her mother because she had no reasons to do that.

Qadeer finally decided to make a move & call Humna because just like her, even he is finding it hard to move on & he isn’t happy with his parent’s decision. I loved the consistency in Humna’s attitude & character because she first got introduced as someone who wasn’t afraid of putting forth her opinion but in a very respectable manner, that is why even now when Qadeer tried to play a blame game with her, she politely refused to accept that & told him that she wasn’t responsible for what Haider did & the one who was at the wrong side of the fence was Qadeer & not Humna. I liked how she didn’t think twice before making Qadeer realize that he was a weak person who couldn’t stand by her side when things got rough.

As much as I love watching Haider & Mishal’s scenes & as much as I love how Mishal reacts to Haider’s instructions, I wish to see a bit more development in their track where in stead of seeing Haider conveying do’s & don’t to Mishi, he actually talks to her & has a conversation with her over different things, because that will be quite interesting & it will be a perfect way to show a development in their relationship, as so far all we have seen Haider doing is either conveying a message of his mother to Mishal or telling her what she should & shouldn’t do in his house as his wife. It is amazing to see that Mishal is putting up with everything & she is giving Haider, his mind-set, his values & his family a fair bit of chance. It is good to see Mishal being a woman of her word & sticking by the promise she made to Haider. Everything about their scenes & relation is perfect but I need some more meaningful conversations, please.

Haider has finally understood that he has lost his chance in Asfand Sultan’s party that’s why he decided to start from the scratch, which was interesting. It is good to know that Haider believes in self-reliance & is independent enough to make decisions for himself. Haider is an optimistic person that is why the moment one door closed, he started searching for a way to open another door for him in politics. I like how they haven’t made Haider’s career a smooth sailing & a lot of challenges are thrown in which make his journey a lot more realistic. Haider’s exclusion from Asfand’s party has attracted a lot of attention & that’s why Zaman Amir showed up with a plan which was all about using Haider against Asfand’s party. I am sure Haider will not budge & will not accept this offer but it will force him to think & come up with a better plan.

Wahab didn’t get much coverage in this episode but he added life to the one scene that he got. It is hilarious how he puts up with his wife & her tantrums whereas he isn’t oblivious of the fact that he deserves someone who will love him & accept him for the way he is. Wahab’s lecture to the maid was quite interesting, just because he made her refer to him as Wahab Sahab was enough for him to believe that he bossed around at least one person, which was enough of a validation for a man like him who hardly gets any respect from his own family, lol. Sara is thinking about parting Mishi & Haider & I am sure she will devise a plan with the help of Wahab. I wish Jamal keeps her occupied enough that she doesn’t get the time to ruin Mishal & Haider’s relationship & marital life.

Overall, this episode was quite nice & I enjoyed watching it. All the actors are doing such a fine job & the director & the editor deserve a huge round of applause for such a perfect execution of such a brilliant script. I must say I love the OST, it is quite soothing & is being used at the right time. I am loving the fact that this story is all about two strong individuals who’re trying to compromise & understand each other, which is quite refreshing to see. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Besharam. :)

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