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Best Celebrity Insta Accounts

Gone are the days when you needed hard work and actual talent and loads of luck to make it and survive in the entertainment industry if you had no contacts or enough money but not anymore. In today’s world internet is the only power we bow to, it is the only language we speak and understand these days. We have seen internet make chai walas celebrities we have also seen internet turn Patari’s CEO’s stardom to dust. The point being your social media presence is everything these days.

Having a social media presence is as important for celebrities these days as having an agent once was. Though anyone with a fair amount of followers can call themselves a celebrity these days and that paves way for mediocrity to be bred but it has also opened a gateway to an industry of dreams that once seemed far away. Just take that phone of yours make a video, write a script, make a web series, write a book, make a blog and gain audience and you will make it, it is not as painstakingly arduous as it once was. The ball is now in the common man’s court make your move.

As it is with power that comes huge responsibility so is the case with stardom, the more influence you have over people the more you need to be careful as to how you use that influence. That being said today we talk about some of the Pakistani celebrity Instagram accounts that I find super interesting and you should definitely follow them if you don’t already.


8: Sheheryar Munawar

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Because squeezing a lemon requires focus ….

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I have always liked Sheheryar apart from the fact he is an amazing actor and is super hot he also has a very interesting Instagram presence or I should say social media presence. I have never seen him get involved in controversies, he keeps his political views to himself which is a rare spectacle these days. My favorite Sheheryar is vacation Sheheryar, when this dude is on his vacations it is the best time for his Instagram, amazing pictures with hilarious captions. The world could be falling and this dude would be talking about how focus is needed to squeeze a lemon. Basically if you follow him he will always put a smile on your face always.


7: Ahmad Ali Butt

Everyone knows Ahmad is a funny guy but more than that he is a selfie guy, a selfie here a selfie there, a selfie with Karachi Kings a selfie with team JPNA 2 basically if Ahmad is there a selfie can’t be far behind. Once in a while uses his influence to voice his opinions as well but mostly maintains a light mood hilarious persona. A random clip of him dancing can help forget for a nano-second that you were having a bad day I believe that accounts for something.


6: Saba Qamar

She is talented she is gorgeous and she is strong headed. From her beautiful face that you get to see if you follow her to her strong opinions on gender equality this woman earns her followers. Also she has a gorgeous cat so all the cat people go show that cat some love. Once in while she shares her family moments as well which are precious. She can be so sassy at times and I love that also did I mention the cat? So yeah cat, opinions and beauty go hit that follow button already.


5: Osman Khalid Butt

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Man-bun fail framed for posterity.

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Gorgeous, sassy and opinionated no I am not describing a diva it’s good ol’ OKB we are talking about tho he is not less than any diva. Personally not a huge fan of his acting but a huge fan of his Instagram. Let controversy come this man is never quiet, a strong supporter of women empowerment and very vocal about his other political views as well. Hilarious, classy and knows how the social media game works. Also just look at his username who doesn’t love A CLOCKWORK ORANGE!


4: Armeena Khan

Armeena is more of a kabhi neem neem kabhi shahad shahad deal. There are days when she is as wise as an old oak tree who can talk and there are days when she is downright teen queen of only seventeen either way qualifies for interesting social media presence. Vocal but a little too vocal sometimes but her Instagram is mostly sunny, good vibes and positivity all the way, 10/10 will recommend.


3: Sanam Saeed

Sanam is downright my favorite woman in our entertainment industry right now, talented, strong and beautiful. Now adays her Instagram is mostly about Cake promotions and damn it she looks breathtakingly gorgeous at every event. Shares pictures of things she finds interesting be it a vintage store in London or Karachi’s night view from the sky, one of the very few aesthetically pleasing accounts.


2: Ali Kazmi

Ali Kazmi in the houseeeee guyssss. One of my only three favorite Instagramers first one being Tom Hardy of course and the second one you will find out shortly. Ali is a family guy I mean just look at the man’s dp. He is vocal and he captures the moment. One of the very few celebrities who step out of their own stardom and look around and capture whatever looks beautiful. The kinda soul that finds time to appreciate the moon and the sealing of a museum. If that doesn’t work for you he just happens to be very hot as well, go follow.



1: Adeel Hussain

Adeel Hussain ladies and germs, the man, the myth. It is like that famous quote goes I too fall in love with people who show me a little bit of their soul. In this world so perfectly guarded I appreciate rawness. Following Adeel feels like following any other friend, he shares his pictures from his college days to his childhood to his artwork from his teenage years WHO DOES THAT! Captures so many beautiful things, random people, random places and even shows the other side of the story by capturing his other colleagues from entertainment industry in the light he himself sees them. Such a a kindled spirit with the soul of a true artist. Don’t miss out on this dude’s insta folks.


That sums up my list which is totally based on my preferences, if you have your own list of favorite celebrity Instagram accounts do share it with me I don’t want to miss out on any cool insta accounts.