Visaal Episode 5 Review – Very Interesting!

Ohkay so, this episode of Visaal was quite interesting. As the story is progressing, I am liking it more & more. The way the story is being told is simple but super interesting & the characters are very simple too but the overall execution of this drama makes it a worth-watch.

Akram was on the hunt for finding a perfect Bhabhi for himself, someone who could help him in getting closer to Pari. Akram’s choice was obviously unique but he knew that that’s where he will get the lady that he was looking for & the people at that end will do as he says once given the money. Yasmeen’s character was quite interesting & made quite an impression in the introduction. I really hope she plays an important part & saves the girl whose life is at stake!

Well, the news already made it to Shabbir’s work place & people started talking that Taimur was being too generous & friendly when it came to Shabbir. It was sad that even Pari’s name was being dragged but then again, those were not just mere rumors as this was Taimur’s intention behind getting closer to Shabbir. To add more to it Taimur also invited Shabbir & Pari to his house to get to know them on a personal level & to make some ties with them as well.

Pari resisted but she gave in & visited Taimur. Pari isn’t oblivious of Taimur’s intentions & even though she is keeping her sweet distance, she still understands all of his hints. Taimur left quite a good impression on Naheed & Jumman Bua too that is why she couldn’t stop praising him in front of Ghufran’s wife.

Well, what Naheed did was something that I just didn’t see coming but let me just say, it was a perfect twist & I guess much needed to in this simple one-tracked story. Naheed couldn’t resist getting jealous of her friend & even though she tried to get friendly with Taimur, she was hurt & upset when she saw that he was totally into Pari & couldn’t stop talking about her.

What Naheed did like writing a letter to Taimur posing to be Pari & then locking the gate once he was inside was shocking. Obviously the dynamics of the story will change but the thing that I will be sad to see the most is a strain in Pari & Shabbir’s relationship. It would be quite upsetting because obviously their father-daughter relationship was so sweet & just perfect but now it will go through a bad phase, all because of Naheed. I must say that though the things are for worse but is it good that there is more to Naheed’s character!

Overall, it was an amazing episode. All the characters have their thing happening & there is so much that they are going to offer. I think Taimur will be turned down by Shabbir even when he will approach him for Pari’s proposal & that’s when Akram will come in the picture & in Pari’s life too. The direction & the acting is top-notch. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the drama. Please share your thoughts.

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