Bradaari Orchestra makes an impressive debut

There’s been growing anticipation for musician Hamza Jafri’s new project, Braadri Broadcast, a compilation of 10 fusion tracks featuring 15 artistes from all over Pakistan.

After a launch event on Monday night, Braadri Orchestra’s first single was released online.The video “Karma Walay” is a fusion of Punjabi folk and Urdu ghazal,featuring vocals by Sarfraz Ali, Akram Khan and Zarnab Rashid and lyrics by Tauqeer Chugtai.The Rest of Braadri Orchestra’s 10 original tracks will release through the course of the next year.

The main composer and music director for the project Bradaari Orchestra is Akram Raja, the videos have been produced by Rola, audio recorded by Bilal Nasir Khan and costumes designed by Yousuf Bashir Qureshi. Hamza’s band member from Co-VEN and Coke Studio percussionist Sikandar Mufti is the tech head and creative associate.Nida Butt is the creative director of the project.

In an earlier interview with Images, Hamza said,“There is all this East-West fusion music happening, but no cross-ethnic fusion. Pakistan has such rich musical traditions from its provinces. It would be amazing to create a fusion between them, such as mixing Punjabi folk with Balochi, Sindhi with Urdu, Pashto with Shina, and so on.”

Here is the official video of “Karma Walay”

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt