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Bridal inspiration for upcoming shadi season

Wedding season is upon us and like any other bride to be, girls get confused what to wear on their big day. Should it be a red lehnga, a muted pastel shade or a bright pink color one? Here’s some bridal inspiration to help you girls decide what to wear on your shadi:

Classic red lehnga

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Be traditional by wearing a classic red lehnga on your wedding day. Pair it a choli and timeless jewellery for the ultimate bridal look. Keep in mind to keep your makeup light as you want to focus more on your overall attire than the face.

Green lehnga

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Parrot green and gold is an extremely fun, festive color combination for mehndi functions. Don’t forget the churiyan when you adorn your mehndi outfit as it completes the overall look.

Gold lehnga

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Exude old world charm by recycling your mother’s lehnga on your own wedding day. Not only does it save heaps of money but also gives meaning to your special day with memories to cherish for a lifetime. Pair it a long shirt, nauratan jewellery and light makeup for a puraney zamanay wali dulhan look.

White lehnga

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A white lehnga paired with a colored dupata will bring out your freshness and glow. The beauty of white is that you can even pair it with any colored dupatta.

Black lehnga

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Break the norms that a bride should not be wearing a black lehnga. Flaunt it like no other. Black is timeless and classic and spews elegance and royalty.

Sharara pants with shirt

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Sharara or gharara pants have made their way back from the 90’s. They make one look regal, royal and no less than a queen. Pair your gharara pants with a long shirt, traditional jewellery possibly a raani haar and jhoomar complete with a cute pouch.

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You can also take a completely different route by pairing your gharara pants with an off the shoulder and choker necklace complete with nath and jhoomar. This comes across as a mix of fusion wear.

Floor length pishwas

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If you’re not one of those people who like to wear lehngas, try a floor length pishwas instead. A pishwas gives height to the wearer and looks extremely regal. This light tea pink pishwas is gorgeous for a day time nikkah or walima event.

Red saree

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A banarsi saree never goes out of fashion, especially when handed down over generations it becomes a traditional heirloom.

Classic yellow jora

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The classic yellow jora is a must must for every bride to wear on her mayun event. Paired with minimal makeup and flower jewellery, it exudes radiance and freshness when worn.

Colorful joras

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Some girls go the traditional route with a yellow jora while others want to have some fun and wear colorful ensembles. Pink and purple never go wrong in this regard, you can also match several complimenting colors for a festive look, such as this orange and pink ensemble.

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Fusion gowns

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Fusion gowns amalgamate western and eastern attire while making one look no less than a real life princess.


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