Burka Aveneger – Don’t Mess With The Lady In Black!

Unfortunately our television channels have never shown much interest in providing children with quality entertainment. Our schools also stress more on English than on Urdu and as a result most of the children who go to private schools find it difficult to grasp Urdu, which in my opinion is a much more difficult language to learn than English. Cartoons and animations in Urdu which teach children good lessons are the need of the hour. The electronic media can play a vital role in educating the kids. By education, I don’t mean teaching them ABCs but by helping them understand the difference between good and bad. Learning this difference goes a long way. It helps children become good individuals when they grow up.

I have never been a big fan of fairy tales because they send the wrong message to little girls in particular. Almost all of them send out the message that being pretty is very important. None of the fairytale princesses were ever average looking. In fact the other day when my niece was reading Snow White I was actually amazed at the way her beauty had been explained! Thanks to these fairy tales at a very early age girls start obsessing with having long hair. They also start differentiating (unconsciously of course) among friends or class fellows on the basis of color; who is whiter and who is “brown” is sadly very common nowadays.


Other than this all the fairy tales end with the damsel in distress being rescued by her prince charming because her happy ending is not possible without a prince charming.


Burka Avenger comes as a breath of fresh air considering just how clichéd these fairy tales are. Our super hero is no damsel in distress but she helps those who are in trouble. She is strong enough to take care of herself and other people too. She does not have long locks of beautiful hair and rose colored lips but she wears a burka to hide her identity and looks great in it. I think the concept that this super hero is actually a school teacher by profession is sheer brilliance because kids all age look up to their teachers. They are their ideals and now they can be super heroes too – how cool is that!


The Burka Avenger has been launched in a very intelligent way too. It has a facebook page which has a lot of fans already, there are Burka Avenger phone games and t shirts and it has a great soundtrack of its own. Annie Jaffrey is the voice behind our super hero. The Pakistani pop star Haroon Rashid came up with this idea.


The Burka Avenger does not use weapons to fight her enemies but her weapons are pens, pencils and books. This clearly shows that the idea behind the concept is that with education we can fight all kinds of evil. Burka Avenger’s first episode was very impressive. The creator of the animation has made it clear that main purpose of this animation apart from educating the kids is also going to be to entertain them.
Following is the description given in the official page of the animation, “The Burka Avenger is an amazing action-comedy animated TV Series that follows the adventures of the Burka Avenger and three young kids in the imaginary city of Halwapur as they fight the evil Baba Bandook and his henchmen.The Burka Avenger wears the burka veil to hide her identity like superheroes do. Her alter ego is that of a mild-mannered teacher at a girls’ school. Her use of pens and books as projectile weapons to fight the bad guys is symbolic on many levels. Her main motto is “Justice, Peace and Education for all”. The good news is that the series Burka Avenger is all set to go global with plans for it to be screened in 60 countries. It will be translated in 18 different languages.


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If your kids/younger siblings/nieces/ nephews etc didn’t get a chance to watch the first episode of this amazing series, I suggest that you make them watch it online because it will entertain them and teach them some thing positive. It airs on Geo Tez at 6 pm on Sundays. The production house (Unicorn Black Production) has taken a great initiative by introducing this series. It is highly recommended that you visit the official website of Burka Avenger for fun games, trailers and the OST.

Did you watch the first episode? Do you agree that we should be proud of our new super hero?

Ayesha Ahmed

  • this is one area,our tv channels have igonred that is some content in urdu for our children, yes there are hindi cartoon channels but urdu cartoon are definitely a plus

  • SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO PROUD …. I AM SO HAPPY THE FUTURE of our children is STILL bright in Pakistan.. Seriously I speak so much english that I feel someday i will not be able to read or write Urdu anymore. I am very happy.. its BRILLIANT.. HATS OFF to Annie Jaffry and our most Beloved HAROON!! lov u guys!!!

  • burka avenger is soooo entertaining…i watched it's first episode..there were sum pretty good's also very hilarious,,,..yeah it's real sumthing we should be proud off..and ur review is also very nice..keep up the good work…

  • hi i live in canada nd i saw an article written about burka avenger in a newzpaper i felt so proud specially dy have promoted veil which west think dt in a veil a women cant do anyhing, i will definitly watch it just dont know the timings according to our time,will try to watch online.

    • where did that come in from? it's a good series, good animation, good concept…enjoy it rather than pointing out controversial issues
      no where is it said that face covering is necessary but that one should not cover her face is also not said anywhere

  • It is definitely something to be proud of.And one guy on FB was saying "Burkay ko TV pay laakay zaleel kia ja raha hai".And i was so angry with his comment.People like him need to get a life and embrace something new! Good work BA team.You never know,she might get a chance in The Avengers 2 : Age Of Ultron ;)

  • Don't Mess With The Lady In Black…!! A tag line which I as a burkha clad girl myself, enjoyed very much in past few days, the concept of a veiled girl beating hell out of bad guys and saving the day was simply fascinating, I felt happy that finally some one noticed that we are not just a group of oppressed girls who are forced to wear naqab but quite opposite confident and brave young ladies who can follow the example of Hazrat Safiyya (RA) (She killed a Jew who came to spy on the Muslims in the Battle of Khanda) if need to be. The idea that there will be finally something that gives the exact message of Islam was a fresh breath of air … But sadly my fantasy ends here. People, A time will come when Islam will be difficult to recognize… Burkha avenger is a new cartoon series for Pakistani kids, and after watching the first episode the reality hit me on my face, now is that time… This series will be surely slow poisoning our young generation in next few months. I don't claim to be a knowledgeable Muslim but I can point out some very obvious sugar coated deadly points here that seem to stand out as anti-Islamic even to me, an ordinary viewer.
    Doing some deep thinking processes I come to know that presenting a hijabi super heroine is a perfect set to lure Pakistani women into the trap, as most of female population still consider Hijab/ Naqab/ Gown respectable and eventually mothers will be allowing their kids to watch this series without censoring it. People will keep their focus on the lady in black, paying no attention to the small details that are totally against Islam and somehow slipped into this children cartoon series. our very own the new emerging Pakistani burka clad super heroine is only hijabi when she is saving the world. Other time she doesn’t even wear headscarf. Is it all right to cover yourself according to convenience??? That’s what your little girl will be learning from Pakistan first animated series..
    In this series The public school of halwapur is hosting a music concert (note: music concert), about which children are very excited. But the tragedy happens when the bad guys wearing turbans and having long bread come to close the girls school. But worry not, the burkha avenger is here to save the day, she attack those clowns and reopens the school (no issue here). What bothers me is something else, there come the scene of concert, a hip hop artist was singing his heart out, there was loud music blasting through the walls of school. The burka avenger stood on the roof giving her blessing (you can wear burkha if you like to but it is not necessary to pay attention to every teaching of Islam). On the other hand the defeated bad guys were licking their wound in shadow and bottling their anger when one of them started dancing on the music beat; the other one slapped him and said, “hamen moseeqi sy nafrat hy.” Now this is the slow poison I am talking about. It is a fact that Islam doesn’t allow music, no allowance that’s it! But by presenting this idea from the prospect of Bandook khan is disgusting. Also in trailer villain is putting fire on the flying kites of basant, that scene was really scary as it was attacking our two nation theory in an indirect way, portraying that everyone who is against basant is a bandook khan sort of extremist (if u choose to close your eyes then it’s your choice but please note that whether you agree or not basant is not a part of our own culture) Unconsciously our children will be having an understanding that these are only concepts of some lunatics not Islam .
    In a nutshell, it will be advisable to not to be impressed by hijabi appearance of burkha avenger, you need to check this series out with keen eyes before letting your child watch it.

    • we pakistani cant resist of critisizing……we always see the darker side…create and bring points like u did….that if she wears hijab on saving time then why not in ordinary time…what the heck….why dont you expect that its better to face the cuning world in hijjab… least at the time of facing the world..atleast a good massage……….plz grow up….try to look at a brighter side….we always go for fairy tales in the hands of our kids….but i dont think u considered that a snow white should be in hijaab…..!!!!

      • What's the darker side? I mentioned in my comment that "I was anticipating it, the idea looked so fresh & inspiring" but those points which I mentioned, are they wrong? tell me… don't you understand? They are giving us a super hero, a role model then why this perfect Muslim girl has no problem with music? why does she have to compromise for hijab in ordinary days? she's a hero, right? Heros are shown to be perfect

    • Hamnah If you look at it that way then watching dramas is against the teachings of Islam too or watching anything on TV because it has nothing to do with Islam because we see namahram men and women on our television screens. what do you have to say to that? Does Islam say that don't listen to music but watch TV , most of which is music. Our dramas OSTs, the background music and the commercials. All the romantic scenes in dramas, like in Zindagi Gulzar Hai, which was a drama you liked.

      • Ash, yes I liked Zindagi Gulzar hai, I like dramas, their ost but does that make it right? NO, I know that it's not right, I try my best to limit myself but atleast I'm not confused in right & wrong which in this series, will become confusing for our young generation! They won't get the clear idea of what's right & what's wrong. If they had shown the girl without hijab like the girls in english movies then I won't have a problem b/c if even if our young generation watches it. they still know that it's not liked in Islam! Practice depends on a person but those ideas shouldn't be mixed whixh are our root beliefs

  • Unfortunately I hate to say it but people on one side are abusing jew network but on the other, they fail to understand the slow poisoning! I think that majority of the Pakistani nation is convinced that Jew network is a traitor, then why on earth can we believe that Jew will actually do "SOMETHING" which can promote positivity? I was also anticipating this series with an open mind, regardless of any prejudice but the truth is that this series is a sugar coated attack on the root beliefs of Islam & Pakistan!

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