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on screen couples

Ideas For On Screen Couples

This post is meant to be strictly food for thought, nothing more and nothing less. I think countless readers and drama viewers can relate to it because there are numerous times when we find ourselves wishing or thinking how a particular male and female lead will look together in a play. Our industry is full of artists who are very gifted. Our directors and producers also experiment with different kinds of on screen couples all the time. Gone are the days when an on screen couple was a hit with the viewers, it was seen over and over again because their presence alone guaranteed that people will watch a drama. If that was the case then we would have seen Mahira and Fawad Khan, Sanam Baloch and Fawad Khan on screen together again and again. Nowadays, the trend has reversed. When an on screen couple is as big a hit as Khirad and Asher and Bano and Hassan then the directors and producers want that those memories should stay in people’s mind and do not show the same actors and actresses together in different dramas. Based on this new trend of experimenting with different leads, I am going to give some ideas of which male and female lead will look good together based on my own likes and dislikes of course.

Fawad Khan and Syra Yusef

Fawad Khan is older than Syra but he can still pass for a college boy if given the right make over. I really like both Fawad and Syra. Ideally I would like to see them in a romantic comedy; something like AunnZara because Syra has proved already that she is really good at doing comic characters and Fawad Khan and his fans need a break from all the serious roles that he has been doing.

Don’t you think that these two will make a very cute couple?


Sami Khan and Sanam Baloch

The other day I saw a picture of Sami Khan and Sanam Baloch, they looked great together. Both of them are exceptional actors even though Sami Khan is wasting himself in roles that don’t bring out the best in him but that doesn’t change the fact that he is a very gifted actor. Sanam Baloch has always maintained a very good chemistry with all her co stars. I think both of them will look great in an intense role because Sanam emotes very well and so does Sami Khan.

What do you think will they look good together or not?


Ahsan Khan and Sanam Jang

I am very certain that all of Ahsan Khan and Sanam Jang’s fans will do anything to see both of them together in the same play. Sanam Jang is another new actress who is the queen of expressions. Ahsan Khan is a very versatile actor, he has no problem fitting in any kind of role so we know for sure that he will not let us down.

Would you like to see both of them as a couple in a play? If not then who do you think they will look good with?


Meekal Zulfiqar and Ayza Khan

Ayza Khan is very cute and very talented. Meekal Zulfiqar is talented but sometimes I feel like he is being typecast. I have always wanted to see both of them together in a play. But for once Meekal should not play the bad husband who cannot do justice to his wife. It would be really good to see them in a romantic serial in which they have strong characters but there isn’t too much rona dhona.

Have you ever wished to see both of them together? There is no harm in wishing!


Danish Taimoor and Alishba Yusef

Alishba Yusef is one of those actresses who make their fans wait for too long before they make an appearance on screen. I really liked Danish Taimoor’s acting and character in drama serial Rehai. He should do more projects in which he gets to play such roles. Alishba Yusef and Danish Taimoor will make an amazing on screen couple given that they are working in a good play with a good quality script and of course with a first-class director.


Mahira Khan and ?

Who do you think Mahira Khan will good with? Honestly speaking, I would really like to see Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan on screen together again but we all know that is not going to happen. Mahira Khan and Mohib Mirza also had a very good on screen chemistry in the play Shehr-e-Zaat. Ahsan Khan and Mahira Khan will look good together too but seriously this one is a difficult choice so I will leave it to the readers to decide.


Feel free to share your views about the above ideas for on screen couples without any reservations.

Ayesha Ahmed