Ideas For On Screen Couples

This post is meant to be strictly food for thought, nothing more and nothing less. I think countless readers and drama viewers can relate to it because there are numerous times when we find ourselves wishing or thinking how a particular male and female lead will look together in a play. Our industry is full of artists who are very gifted. Our directors and producers also experiment with different kinds of on screen couples all the time. Gone are the days when an on screen couple was a hit with the viewers, it was seen over and over again because their presence alone guaranteed that people will watch a drama. If that was the case then we would have seen Mahira and Fawad Khan, Sanam Baloch and Fawad Khan on screen together again and again. Nowadays, the trend has reversed. When an on screen couple is as big a hit as Khirad and Asher and Bano and Hassan then the directors and producers want that those memories should stay in people’s mind and do not show the same actors and actresses together in different dramas. Based on this new trend of experimenting with different leads, I am going to give some ideas of which male and female lead will look good together based on my own likes and dislikes of course.

Fawad Khan and Syra Yusef

Fawad Khan is older than Syra but he can still pass for a college boy if given the right make over. I really like both Fawad and Syra. Ideally I would like to see them in a romantic comedy; something like AunnZara because Syra has proved already that she is really good at doing comic characters and Fawad Khan and his fans need a break from all the serious roles that he has been doing.

Don’t you think that these two will make a very cute couple?


Sami Khan and Sanam Baloch

The other day I saw a picture of Sami Khan and Sanam Baloch, they looked great together. Both of them are exceptional actors even though Sami Khan is wasting himself in roles that don’t bring out the best in him but that doesn’t change the fact that he is a very gifted actor. Sanam Baloch has always maintained a very good chemistry with all her co stars. I think both of them will look great in an intense role because Sanam emotes very well and so does Sami Khan.

What do you think will they look good together or not?


Ahsan Khan and Sanam Jang

I am very certain that all of Ahsan Khan and Sanam Jang’s fans will do anything to see both of them together in the same play. Sanam Jang is another new actress who is the queen of expressions. Ahsan Khan is a very versatile actor, he has no problem fitting in any kind of role so we know for sure that he will not let us down.

Would you like to see both of them as a couple in a play? If not then who do you think they will look good with?


Meekal Zulfiqar and Ayza Khan

Ayza Khan is very cute and very talented. Meekal Zulfiqar is talented but sometimes I feel like he is being typecast. I have always wanted to see both of them together in a play. But for once Meekal should not play the bad husband who cannot do justice to his wife. It would be really good to see them in a romantic serial in which they have strong characters but there isn’t too much rona dhona.

Have you ever wished to see both of them together? There is no harm in wishing!


Danish Taimoor and Alishba Yusef

Alishba Yusef is one of those actresses who make their fans wait for too long before they make an appearance on screen. I really liked Danish Taimoor’s acting and character in drama serial Rehai. He should do more projects in which he gets to play such roles. Alishba Yusef and Danish Taimoor will make an amazing on screen couple given that they are working in a good play with a good quality script and of course with a first-class director.


Mahira Khan and ?

Who do you think Mahira Khan will good with? Honestly speaking, I would really like to see Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan on screen together again but we all know that is not going to happen. Mahira Khan and Mohib Mirza also had a very good on screen chemistry in the play Shehr-e-Zaat. Ahsan Khan and Mahira Khan will look good together too but seriously this one is a difficult choice so I will leave it to the readers to decide.


Feel free to share your views about the above ideas for on screen couples without any reservations.

Ayesha Ahmed

  • LubnaRashid

    Aiza khan and Mikaal they should come together they both are brilliant actors, and ahsankhan and Sanam jhung 🙂 Mahira k sath humayun saeed or adnansiddiqui achay lagengy

  • Ishu

    For mahira i would suggest only fawad khan

  • Devout

    MAHIRA KHAN and IMRAN ABBAS!!! seriously i would love to see Mahira with Imran as both of them are very beautiful and also Mahira with Ahsan would be a very interesting pair!!

  • simba

    mahira looks good only with fawad khan and a little bit with mikaal zulfiqar also

  • kulsoom naeem

    mahira only looks gud with fawad khan

  • Hammu

    Mahria with Imran Abbas or Adeel Hussain.Sanam Saeed with Fahad Mustafa.Sanam Jung with Fawad Khan and Aiza Khan with Imran Abbas.

  • hoorya

    agha ali n mahira khan ♥
    both will luk great 2gther 🙂

  • saba

    wese aysha ap ki choise bhttttt galt hai kyaaaaa on screen couples bnae hain????bkwasssssssss.agar aise on screen couples hone lug gae to drama industry flopppppp.

  • saju

    one thing i want to mention here that fawad khan also did comedy role(akbari asghari) y u ppl always forget that, n in jutt and bond also

  • mona933

    aiza with imran abass , they will look great together as both of them are really beautiful and fawad khan with sanam jung

  • Ani12

    Mahira Khan with Imran Abbas, Adeel Hussain, or Danish Taimoor

    • Mysha

      i agree Mahira will lik gud wi8 Adeel……… far as m concrnd both of them r my favryt

    • Mysha


    • Afsana sultani

      no way she looks anuty

  • maha

    mahira khan with fawad only nobody else… 🙂

    • Sareena Khan

      me tooo…………lekin fawad and mahira ek saath kyn nahi aa sakte please bataso

  • maha

    ahsan khan and sanam jang will also look nice together so they bth also…! 🙂

  • noor hamza

    Mahira Khan with Shan…if only!

  • Bia

    I'm waiting to see Sami & Sanam baloch together

  • asif ali

    mahira khan sirf mere sath he best lagy gi dosto meri bat man lo

  • farah

    fawad and syra looks great but iwant to see fawad n aiza

  • sherasher

    Don't put Imran abbas with Anybody because he is out of Pakistani drama industry.I think will never Come back from bolllywood.

  • Areesha

    Fawad Khan and Syra yusuf will look nice together and Ahsaab khan and Sanam Jhung , Danish Taimoor and Alishba Yusef will also look great together but seriously please put Mahira Khan and Fawad together

  • ushna

    Mahira and fawad were a great couple.. i will prefer both of them together.. except this syra and fawad also looks cute together… 🙂

  • Saad Ali Waqar

    Mahira looks Pretty only with Fawad and no one else…….

  • Aimen

    Mahira with fawad or mikaal ya mohib. If not them then, adeel hussain b burra nhi rahe ga…

  • omais123

    mahira k saath humayoun saeed best

    • Purple Gem

      Yes, they both are coming in an upcoming serial "Bin Roye Aansoo"…

  • omais123

    or sanam baloch with fawad khan ………. best couple ever …. after dastaan mujhe koi drama acha hi nhi lgaga or koi couple b nhi acha lga in dono ki chemistry ki baat hi or hai

    • Love Pakistan

      haye kasam se mere dil ki bat ki hy.dastaan me bht aala cpl tha sanam or fawad ka.wese bh hr drame me in ka cpl mze ka lgta hy funny acting bh 2no ek sath bht achi krty couple.

      • fatima mukthar

        manoos cauple fawad and sanam

        • omais123

          isi wajah se ap k cmnt ko 11 dislikes mil chukay hain hahahhahahha
          mujhe sanam baloch or fawad ek saath bht achay lgty hain <3

      • Sara

        agree wid each and every word of u Love Pakistan and omais123

  • Love Pakistan

    mahira to jis k sath bh aye us ki amma hi lgti hy koji moty bullon wali bandri

    • fatima mukthar

      tum amma kya dadi lgti ho aur gay bhi bandri

    • Saba

      agree with the first part .. aik tou itni buddhi hay aur har aik k saath aa jati hay aur us say ziyada jawaad bannay ki koshish kar rahi hoti hay she is even elder than Fawad Khan

    • Aqsa

      Strongly agreed with you

  • Aisha

    I think with Mahira; faisal qureshi would go well. Or Imran Abbass one of these 2 would look good.

  • anila

    Mahira with Faisal Qureshi or Fahad Mustufa

  • anila

    fawad with alishba yousuf…. wowwwww Queen n King of expression

  • hamna

    fawad and ayza

  • aqsa

    fawad hr ik ky sath best ha

  • ali

    fawad khan & sanam baloch sami khan& aiza khan

  • aqib

    motty lips wali amma akali e thk hai fawad & sanam bloch best cpl

    • aqib

      mahira mooty lips wali

  • Purple Gem

    What I think is that Fawad khan and Sanam Jang will make a best pair (though Sanam baloch and Fawad Khan are my first choice 🙂
    Mahira coupled with…………………..let me see…………Ahsan Khan and Imran Abbas would both do well….

    • tehreem

      yeah . i agree to you ………. i think fawad n sanam jung will make a good pair 2gether

  • hoorya

    wud luv 2 see ayeza khan and meekal
    sanam jung wid sami khan ^_^

    n fawad khan wid sanam baloch again ♥ Aasmanon se utara Noor hai Koi ♥

  • ch osama

    mahira with fawad my choice,,, most romentic couple ever

  • Arooba

    Danish taimoor and Alishba Yousuf would possibly make the worst couple ever!! and with Mahira obviously it has to FAWAD!!!!!

  • nuzhat

    i want to see Fawad Khan n Aiza together they will look great , mahira khan and adeel hussain will look good together

  • Lawangeen

    Mahira khan is very preety….kisi ugly ka couple b sath banado wo b haseen wa jameel hojai ga….

    • KHAN


  • blue

    anything except fawad and syra

  • rumaisa sarfaraz

    syra and fawad best couple

  • Iqra

    i really want 2 see fawad and syra together……….they will make a cute n gud looking couple

  • Saba


  • Sara

    Yar i am observing that yahan par ziyada tar log Fawad and
    Sanam baloch ko appreciate kar rahay hain and i am very very happy bcz of that bcz i am strongly in the favour of FS aur mn bht khafa thi mujhy lagta tha k sab log Fawad and Mahira k peechay pagal ho chukay hain aur apna dimagh kho bethay hain aur ab kabhi bhi fawad and sanam kabhi bhi dobara screen par nhn ayen gay but it's good to see that alot of people appreciate the pair of FS

    • omais123

      mera fvrt couple hai sanam and fawad <3 seriously love them together <3

  • Qudsia

    Mahira Khan best pair with Fawad Khan without any doubt. Sanam Jung coupled with Imran Abbas second after MK and FK, she may look good with Ahsan Khan and also with Baber Khan, she worked in "Ghar Aiay Mehman", a telefile, if I am correct.

  • Huma

    Sami khan and saman baloich & ayeza khan and mikal zulfiqar should be in one drama al together

  • snazzy satan

    Fawad n mahira and fawad n sanam best couple ever…..wanna see them sgain on screen.why they cannot come again togather??

  • Rao

    sanam nd ahsan… a grt coupl… <3

  • simba

    why are so much people against fawad- mahira pair????????

  • Sana raza

    I hate mahira khan .i don't know why people crzy about her.She is not pretty and she don't know how to acting .Fawad is a very good actor let him go with someone good actress like sanam bloch .

    • Mysha

      if u think tht Mahira is not beautiful………..than u must not know the meaning of the word beauty

  • rahma warsi

    sanam jung with imran abbas <3

  • insi<3

    i think they shld try sanam jung and fawad khan…. n syra yusuf would look amazing with fawad ……………n alishba n danish would look gud tooo 🙂

  • TSBindra

    This is a futile exercise. I've rarely seen actors being admired for their acting talent, story or direction. Why? Producers/Directors select actors for their talent and personality fitting that drama and not pairing.

  • amy

    i think mahira khan or fawad khan tekh lagan gay…hamsafar main bh 2no ikhaty thy…

  • kashif tanweer

    i think sanam jung n ahsan khan will be best couple in drama,……………..

  • vicky

    mahira khan and omar shahzad

  • Simra

    Ayeza khan and fawad khan.<3

  • neha

    mahira with emad irfani………perfection

  • zainab ali

    mawra and fawad

  • Farrukh

    Ayeza and Fawad.

  • mani

    mhira with mohib

  • saima

    Mahira With Fawad khan

  • khushi

    mhira with fawad khan

  • Naveen Ahmed

    ayeza and fawad

  • ihaal

    mahira with fawad nd sami with sanam

  • Daniya

    Mawra and Sheheryar Munawar <3 perfection!

  • maham

    sanam jhang with Fawad khan and Fawad with Ayeza Khan! <3

  • ramsha saleem

    Mahira with Fawad and Ayza with Ahsan