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Telefilm ‘Daam-e-Ishq’ Coming this Eid!

Now that we are no more far from the holy celebrations of Eid-ul-Fitr after rendering an entire month to please Almighty, the arrangements of the celebrations are at their peak. While Muslims all over the world are busy buying Eid dresses and gifts, our celebrities are working day and night to entertain their followers this Eid by offering them especially dedicated telefilms and shows.

It is more like a tradition that we, as an audience get to see comedy dramas, live talk shows or music concerts throughout the three days of Eid but this time, you can expect even more. 


According to latest reveals, your favorite drama channel will be bringing you a special telefilm ‘Daam-e-Ishq’ this Eid. The telefilm is written by Junaid Ahmed Khan and Shumael. Both of them will be making a debut with the said telefilm and what is more amazing about this upcoming telefilm is its closely selected cast which includes Noman Ejaz, Adnan Shah, Sana khan, Sana Fakhir and Aisha Apa.

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Noman Ejaz will be seen in a new look which will further open up a new chapter in his acting career. Previously, the actor seemed to be type-casted being a bad husband on screen and now that he is expected to do something different, his fans have already kept their fingers crossed. Moreover, the telefilm will be presenting you Lollywood actress Sana who will be doing a major drama for the first time.

It is yet hard to reveal more about the storyline as it is not officially revealed by the team.

Let us see what this new telefilm brings for its viewers.


Nida Zaidi