Bushra Ansari talks about how social media is destroying lives

Recently veteran actress Bushra Ansari came under fire for rumors regarding her second marriage. Although rumors, the news was circulated on social media, picking up fire and creating a lot of stir. The stir also brought Bushra Ansari under fire for allegedly marrying for second time without any confirmation from the actress herself.

Having experienced the criticism and pain first hand, Bushra Ansari recently opened up on a show with Ahsan Khan. Talking about how judgmental social media had become, the veteran actress stated, “They’re destroying lives, judging people, forgetting their ethics. They label people as bad forgetting that if someone calls them with similar names they won’t even find a place to hide.”

Referring to the social media trolls as a group who destroys other people’s mind, Bushra Ansari added, “They have forgotten basic social ethics and what our religion teaches us. Who knows I pray five times a day, but people have to comment judging others based on their looks and attires.”




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  • The artists should use their fame to do good ,how about doing 1/2 HR tv programs on tv, teaching public how to use social media responsibly ! Pakistani are easily manipulated by peropangadas ,so teach them critical thinking skills ,there is very little done on tv to educate the public ,artists can use their power to get tv producers to do such shows! 🤔

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