Public Warns Zainab Abbas To Beware Of Shehwaar

Sports presenter Zainab Abbas and Shehwaar aka Adnan Siddiqui were spotted together. They posed for a picture while promoting blockbuster drama serial Mere Paas Tum Ho and Pakistan Super League 5.

Zainab shared these pictures on social media and captioned, “Today’s shoot with Shehwar! All geared up for PSL and the grand finale of MPTH!

Under this picture, people could not stop calling out Shehwaar. They warned Zainab Abbas to beware of Shehwaar as he is a wicked man and can ruin her life as he did with Mehwish.

Check out some of the tweets of people warning Zainab Abbas:

Zainab Abbas joined the discussion regarding Mere Paas Tum Ho and she had a funny reply to this thread. She replied, “Mein Mehwish nahin hoon”.

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