Cake And Salam Win Awards At South Asian Film Festival

Pakistani feature film Cake had a very different vibe overall. The film had a strong script, beautiful cinematography and some of the very best performances. The story of two sisters who are entangled in the web of this world and its complications, Cake since its release has made a mark with the audience and critics alike.

Cake has screened at several places and has been a favourite since its release. The new achievement came when Cake won the award for the Best Feature Film category at the South Asian Film Festival held in Montreal. Adding another feather in its cap, Cake has also been sent as a submission for Best Film In The Foreign Language category for Oscars. The final results will be out in January.


The other film that became the recipient of an award is Salam-The First Nobel Laureate. It is a documentary made on the life of Dr. Abdus Salam who is the first Pakistani to win an Oscar and that too in the category of Physics.

Both the films have achieved big and are totally deserving for the accolades they have gotten!

Pakeeza Dar