PTV’s Managing Director Removed Over Begging Incident

Well, we all know about the history of clashes between Pakistani governments and their institutions happening one way or the other. Pakistan is in a very tight space economically and we need help from the neighbouring countries and friends to come out of this. Since taking the office, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has been trying his best to take the country out of this situation. He has visited some friendly countries and has signed deals to help Pakistan cope with the economic crisis.

PTV's Managing Director Removed Over Begging Incident

In wake of these events, the Prime Minister is in China to sign some deals and help to further strengthen the economy. During his address, the National channel of Pakistan PTV broadcasted his address with Begging written on it instead of Beijing. This was counted as an error as it was aired for some seconds before getting corrected. Now the managing director of PTV has been removed due to this. The decision was approved by the Minister of Information, Fawad Chaudhary. Here is the notice:

PTV's Managing Director Removed Over Begging Incident

Whatever our feelings may be towards the government, whether we support it or not, this was an embarrassment for the nation. Do you agree with the sacking decision? Let us know!

Pakeeza Dar