Tumhari Natasha

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Suno Chanda Episode 6 to 16 Review – Daily Dose of Laughter

Even after 16 weeks Suno Chanda gives you plenty of laughter and a lot to look forward to. The best aspect of this play so far is that the story never gets serious no matter what and the treatment given

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Tumhari Natasha – Episode 3

No saas bahu fights, no obsessed cousins, no dusri biwi scenarios, no rona dhona – just an eccentric, different-from-the-crowd girl trying to solve her problems her way! I really enjoy watching Tumhari Natasha because I think it is after quite

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Tumhari Natasha – Episode 1-2

Directed by Fahim Burney, co-produced by Hammad Abbas and A&F Productions, and written by Fareeda Masroor and Adison Idrees Maseeh, HUM TV’s recent offering, Tumhari Natasha airs every Friday at 9:10 p.m. Partly shot in Dubai, Fahim Burney’s signature picture

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