Celebrities On The Second Day Of Eid – Pictures

And again, there’s a whole bunch of pictures to share with the fans.


IMG_20160708_011822 IMG_20160708_013421 IMG_20160708_013508 IMG_20160708_013537 IMG_20160708_013400 IMG_20160708_013852 IMG_20160708_013435 IMG_20160708_013124 IMG_20160708_013330 IMG_20160708_013154 IMG_20160708_013111 IMG_20160708_013141 IMG_20160708_013209 IMG_20160708_013318 IMG_20160708_013445 IMG_20160708_013610 IMG_20160708_013635 IMG_20160708_013549 IMG_20160708_013231 IMG_20160708_013410 IMG_20160708_013249 IMG_20160708_013304


And they are right when they say, 'Writing is a form of therapy'.