Celebrities Spotted at Premiere Bash of MHSA!

The most awaited movie of the year 2013 has finally made its powerful release all over the country including Karachi, Lahore, Multan and Hyderabad and with its first show; the movie has started its journey of making money. The movie is officially released on August 23rd in all major cinema houses after a 15 days delay in its release. We have been sharing all about the venture and here we are back again sharing the latest moves taken by the team of ‘Main hoon Shahid Afridi’.

Been directed by Syed Ali Raza, the movie revolves around the character that started off from a small town but with his hard work and dedication for cricket, he made his way to the rankings that none could earn in Pakistan, His role would be portrayed by a young cricketer Noman Habib. As the movie is affiliated to a name that can bring any celebrity on screen, Humayun Saeed has had been successful in casting Javed Sheikh, Nadeem Baig, Shafqat Cheema, Ismail Tara, Abid Kashmiri, Annie Jaffry, Seemi Raheel, Farhana Maqsood, Shahzad Sheikh and Shahid Afridi. Humayun himself is also playing an important role in the movie.

As stated above, the movie is now released and its premiere at Atrium Cinemas-Karachi can be regarded as a major celebration of this project. Almost all important celebrities were spotted in the premiere who came to show their support towards fellow friend Humayun Saeed and for local content obviously.

Here are a few clicks of the Premiere, have a look!

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It is to be remembered that a similar movie will be coming up, focusing on the life and achievements of Imran Khan, a former Captain of Pakistan’s Cricket Team. Making films on cricket is one of those practises that have been adopted by the neighbouring country India, where such films have had been doing a great business, few of them are Lagaan, Chak de India, Victory, Jain kulli ke Main kulli, etc.

We wish more power to the team of  MHSA,

We will soon share the movie review too.


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  • Stating ” films on cricket is one of those practices that have been adopted by neighboring country India” is quite fair. Alot of movies have been made on sports. Everyone directer and writer has his own way of telling a story. lets appreciate rather then comparing them to an industry that started in 1912, as appose to ours that just got kicked started

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