Aunn Zara Episode 10 – Date Mai Kuch Kaala.

Finally, some impressive progress in the story & I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I enjoyed the whole episode like anything & shared quite a few laughs with my mother. :) This episode as compared to the previous two was much more happening & again it had me thinking, it ended way too fast.

Aunn has finally become a person Zara wanted him to be & he has also succeeded in impressing Jamshed by becoming how he wished to see his son-in-law as. Aunn seemed actually really happy doing whatever Zara asked him to because he thinks by actually fulfilling Zara’s needs he’d be able to woo her. All their scenes were done perfectly but the favorite one for me was their first date. Wow! What an idea of actually being the first one for your husband/wife to go out on a date with. Their chemistry is just amazing & yeah, officially, they’re the cutest & the best couple on-screen for me. Osman Khalid Butt’s zillion expressions in the date scene were just perfect & I couldn’t take my eyes off, of them both. Both Maya Ali & Osman Khalid Butt nailed the scene by actually showing how conscious they were but at the same time happy too. Aunn’s ‘pehli baar’ was actually evident on his face & Zara’s ‘biwi hoon tumhari’ was well-executed by Maya Ali. They both for sure deserve an applaud for this.

The fact that I love about Zara’s character is the ability to understand and cope with everyone, that too according to their temperaments. Zara seems care-free in front of Husna because she knows Husna is easy-going when it comes to Zara. She is the most attentive towards Daadi because she knows she has reached at the age where she longs for it. Zara doesn’t take Pupho seriously because Nighat herself doesn’t know what to expect from herself or her life, where Zara is just like a baby best friend to Nighat’s daughters she bonds equally good with Chachi as well. I actually love these shades of Zara’s character for just because she always wanted love & female figures in her life, now that she has gotten everything she wished for, she is not taking even a single one of them for granted.

Now, as far as Aunn is concerned, she is coping up with his demands perfectly. She knows Aunn wants to get a bit independent, therefore she made it possible for him to drive to his office. Zara actually kept her promise of paying more attention to Aunn once he gets a job & BANG! She shows up for lunch on his first day at office. What a sweet gesture it was.

I am impressed how ‘daal-mai-kuch-kala’ round has started that too on the day of their first date, where Aunn thought ‘ye hamari zindagi ka sab se khoobsurat din hoga’ . What a brilliant memories for them to commemorate on their special day when all the misunderstandings arose. Pupho thinks Aunn is going out with someone else, Zara thinks Pupho’s going out with her Father. Aunn thinks Pupho knew who he was with & lastly Daada Jaan actually believes Jamshed is interested in Nighat. All these misunderstandings for sure will create havoc in the Punjabi family. The funniest thing is, no one in the family starting from Daadi to Zara take Nighat seriously but when they will find how serious Jamshed will eventually be – it’s going to get so much interesting. Jamshed’s SMS actually shed a light on the soft corner he has in his heart for the ‘mohtarma’ & ‘mohtarma’ is too thick-headed to actually see his feelings develop for her. If she gets a heed, she will stop treating him like her personal chauffeur because she made her point way too clear that she can go for meaningless rides with him but can not even tolerate the idea of going to a cafe with him for a coffee, lol. She is such a colorful personality & adorable at that too.

I love how the things are unfolding but still, no signs of the reason of Husna’s misery! I think it’s a high time we should get to know our Aunn’s mother a bit too better. But nevertheless, the show is a MAJOR TIME HIT! ;)

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