Celebrities Who Look Alike

Some of our celebrities look a lot like some of the actors in Hollywood and Lollywood. I thought it would be interesting to make a short list of these celebrities with pictures of the stars with whom they resemble. They are obviously not identical but they definitely have the same outlook. Syra Yousuf and Shehryaar Munawar in particular look a lot like Pixie Lott (an English Singer) and Hrithik Roshan (an Indian actor) respectively. Omer Khalid Butt also has a great deal of resemblance with Ryaan Gosling. I think Ayesha Alam and Cameron Diaz (An American Actress) look the same.




Syra Yousuf and Pixxie Lott

syra yusefpixxie lott


Shehryaar Munawar and Hrithik Roshan

shehryaar munawarhrithik


Osman Khalid Butt and Ryan Gosling


Ayesha Alam and Cameron Diaz

ayesha alamCameron Diaz

Armeena Rana Khan and Angelina Jolie

armeena rana khanangelina jolie

What do you think? Can you people see the resemblance between all these celebrities or am i imagining things;) Do share your thoughts and if you think there are any other celebrities that look alike please do share.

Ayesha Ahmed

  • guest

    armina rana or anglena ka koi comparision ni ha.

    • aqsa

      wo comparison sirf face wise kr rahy ha

    • zoombiecritic

      face wise be resemblence km hai

  • LubnaRashid

    sirf shehryaar munawwar thora buhat resemble karrahai baki koi b nahi

  • Izza

    Armeena is more beautiful then Anjelina Jolie. No resemblance at all.

  • jojo

    Sheryar or hritk bass..baqe koi ni

  • Hammu

    You've got all wrong lol! Pixiee Lott looks like Neelam,Shereyaar like Robert Pattinson,Osman like Jim Carrey and Robert as well,Ayesha,no she doesn't looks like anyone neither does Armeena. Although Ainee Jaffery looks like Kristen Stewart in the Q-Mobile ad!

  • guest

    @hammu, you are right! Neelam does look like Pixee Lott.

  • bushra m

    shehryar munnawwar resembles robert pattinson………….

  • hoorya

    our pakistani actors hv their own look n their identity
    dnt compare them wid hollywood or bollywood actors
    our actors r far better then them

    • beena rehan

      bilkul theek hirtick k chehrey pe manhosiat he shehryar k face pe masomiat farq saaf zahir he

      • hoorya

        kuch bhi similar ni
        kahan hamare paki actors awr kahan ye fazul foreign actors πŸ™‚
        no comparison

    • zoombiecritic

      o please… they are just talking about outlook… n yes they do loook alike… why to object in evrything on baseless reasons….

  • mariam

    Ayesha with Cameron….no way
    Armina with angle a…must be a jokester

    • mariam

      Armina with Angelina…must be a joke.

      • Lawangeen

        i dont think so this is angelina's old pic..watch her pics when she was young.

  • Madiha

    i think Areej Fatyma looks like Reese Witherspoon what do u think?

  • Lawangeen

    i think Armeena looks like young drew barrymore..

  • Ruby

    Ryan Gosling is very attractive and hot and no offense but Osama Khalid Butt is NOT hot πŸ˜›

  • sskhi

    Ryan Gosling and Osama both will commit suicide, aik gham se aur doosra khushi se :p

    • Misbah

      hahahaha!! Sahi kaha! πŸ˜‰

  • alina

    FAWAD AFZAL KHAN AND TOM CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Raziarkhan khan

      Harrgiz nahi mity

    • zoombiecritic

      hahhaaa… i guess u havent seen Tom cruise… u have just heared people giving examples of tom cruise' looks… then u thot pakistan may to log fawad per hi mer rahay hain… then why not to compare fawad with Tom…. epic!!

    • ummeshees

      Ha ha ha Fawad and Tom cruise
      No comparison

  • aqsa

    osama and gyan nai milty

  • malaika

    pixxie lott resembles more with Neelam munir

    • Misbah

      Yeah! Actually you are right!

    • natalia

      exactly,i was going to say the same thing

  • Loki

    Syrah looks like Ashley Tisdale and i thought Osman Khalid Butt looks a little bit like Tom Hiddleston

  • vikkie

    Aaminah Sheikh resembles to Angelina Jolie..

    • zoombiecritic

      noh… i always found her resembling Rihanna and Jennifer lopez… Angelina has gotten totally differnt face

  • NoorFatima

    Only Sheheryar Munawwar resembles Hirithik. And I think Syra Yousaf resembles Ashley Tisdale not Pixie Lott.

  • ayan

    super false comparison….

  • hiramalik

    u r right.aik dam fit matching hai

  • jojo


  • Aiman

    When I saw Osama Khalid, he immediately reminded me of a bit younger version of Mads Mikkelsen from the TV series Hannibal for some reason…As for Armeena Rana Khan she resembles Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl a lot more than Angelina Jolie…As for the others; I can see why you are resembling Pixie and Syra, in my opinion they too look a bit like each other and Shehryar too resembles Hrithik a bit….Oh but Ayesha Alam and Cameron Diaz don't look like each other at all…

  • 1qra

    there is a huge resemblance between ainie jaffery and Kristen Stewart. you must pointed that

    • faiza

      Yah Ainie Jaffery N Kristen Stewart Resemble a Lot..

  • villa mehdi

    osman looks just like robert pattinson, olso mohib mirza resembles hrithik!

  • Irsa

    syra yousaf resembles emma roberts alot

  • dadkmlm

    I dont think you got even one of them corrrect

  • Shiza

    Osama Khalid Butt is Sucha Kayooti And So is Sheheryar Munnawar

  • pretty

    shaharyar munawar resembles to hrithik roshan very very much but osama khalid have not any resemblance with
    ryan gosling

  • pretty

    shaharyar munawar resembles to hrithik roshan very very much but osama khalid have not any resemblance with ryan gosling

  • pretty

    shaharyar munawar resembles to hrithik roshan very very much but osama khalid have not any resemblance

  • omama


  • anam reza

    usman not with rayn but with orlado bloom