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Celebrities you love to hate-A quick List

There are some of our celebrities who are found to have a firm believe on a famous saying ‘Badnaam Gar Hongay To Kya Naam Na Hoga?’ and for that they are unanimously  hated by Pakistanis all over the world.  Let us now see how far you agree with this list!

1)      Zardari


The former president of Pakistan, the husband of Benazir, the father of Bilawal, stands first on the list. He has had been in the politics soon after his marriage with Benazir Bhutto. He took the lead of one of the most influential political parties of Pakistan and was soon elected as the President of Pakistan after the death in an assassination attempt on Benazir. Throughout his govern, Pakistan’s economy kept suffering and he stayed unbothered about the recessions which forced his own countrymen hate him.


2)      Mathira


Everyone in the showbiz desires to earn fame and popularity and for that, some of them choose the way to win the hearts with their hard work and talent, while some of them win screens by selling their morality. Mathira started her career as a late night live TV host where her boldness and controversial dialogues got her some recognition. She tried to launch herself as a singer with her soundtrack ‘Jadugar’ which too failed badly. The actress is now looking towards India and will now also be seen in some Indian movies.


3)      Veena Malik


Veena, despite of all her talents in the field of acting, comedy and mimicry, has lost her respect in the eye of Pakistani audience after her FHM magazine controversy. It seems like India will now be her major target as there is hardly an open vacancy for Veena within the country. People love to hate her for all her melodramas and cheapness that are increasing day by day.


4)      Aamir Liaqaut


He seemed to be a sober man initially when he was first seen hosting AalimOnline. People, including me, started respecting him as a person but wonders to this, his other side was soon reflected in a leaked video where he was seen using abusive language during the show in the breaks. He on screen image was severely destroyed but after fixing his issues with the channel, Aamir was again given the limelight on the same channel.

 No matter how far the channel now highlights him, the impression his leaked video has placed on him, is hard to get rid of.

5)      Waqar Zaka


Probably for his bluntness or for his daring attitude, Waqar Zaka took his reality show ‘Living on the edge’ to a level of prominence. However, he taken as an irritating soul by majority of the sober audience, hence, is found in this list.

6)      Sahir Lodhi

1 (1)

I still remember how much I used to follow his live show on FM 103 seven year back. He, for his resembling voice with Shahrukh Khan has done some great work on radio but just like Aamir Liaqaut, he too fell for quick. Sahir Lodhi becomes unbearable at times for his overacting.

7)      Meera

Lollywood and Meera are two of those entities which want to be in news. Meera has now lost her charm which she had been enjoying for her work in Lollywood. Her latest video controversy has further forced the audience to reconsider their thoughts about Meera.


8)      Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai

Though this young girl has taken a bullet for her love towards education and the support she had been showing for the promotion of education in Pakistan, many citizens suspect her truthfulness and suspect her for playing a role written by foreign authorities. While the world respects her for her bravery, Pakistanis still have second thoughts about her.


9)      Hamid Mir


These days if you are blunt, batameez and frustrated, congratulations, you have all the qualities to become a host. Hamid Mir, again a character launched by GEO TV, is hated by many of the viewers for his wrong analysis when it comes to India. Many of the viewers also started considering him as a RAW agent on the basis of his controversial statements.


These were the people who are hated by majority of the people here in Pakistan, I could think of. It is now your turn to add more to the list.


Nida Zaidi 

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