Celebrity Look A Like

 It is said that every person in this world has seven look a likes. The case is the same for our celebrities as well. This article is based on my research and observation. I have found out some of the celebrities from around the world who resemble our Pakistani celebrities. During this research I was amazed by some of the pictures because they looked exactly the same. For a few seconds I was like Oh My God, this is truly unbelievable look for yourself and do not forget to give your feedback about it. If you have some other look a likes in mind then do let everyone know because this is entertaining information to share. Before starting I want to share this with you all that these celebrities may not be hundred percent a like but they do have the same outlook.

angelineimage 1

Angelina Jolie is a very talented Hollywood actress. She has a square shaped face with big almond eyes and protruding lips. These lips are her basic point of attraction and this is what makes people go crazy. Apart from her facial characteristics she has long hairs that are also very prominent. Now coming towards the Pakistani celebrity that somehow resembles Angelina Jolie, is Mahira Khan. The shape of their faces, the prominent jaw bone, the shape of their lips and the hair matches a lot. Their nose shape also matches a lot. Most of all the space between the nose and lips has the same shape which is quite interesting. Over all they look quite a like.

images normal_sham04

Moving on to the next observation I made, is of Akshay Kumar the highly paid Bollywood actor with the very popular Pakistani celebrity Shamoon Abbasi. The first look of these two celebrities matches a lot. The shape of their faces is very similar. Their forehead is broad and even the shape of their heads match. If we take a closer look the shape of their ears also match. I was astonished to see such a high level of resemblance. This is normally not observed while these two people talk but yeah when they are quiet then the similarity is clearly visible. Coming to the shape of their lips, it is also very clear that they match. The only difference I can feel is that Shamoon Abbasi has a broader face as compared to Akshay Kumar.

celina-jaitley-closeup73984703 999009_486453521435843_283313299_n

The next look a likes that I have observed are Celina Jaitley, a Bollywood actress with the Pakistani actress named Farah Ali. These two girls have a high level of similarity. Their hair, face, cheeks, nose and even eyes are 80 percent same which is very much confusing. I was very confused when I was going through their pictures. I have never seen such a high level of similarity. Farah Ali has a nose shape slightly different from Celina Jaitley otherwise their faces are very much similar.

Farah-Hussain-2 images (1)

The famous morning show host, Farah Saadya is the favorite of almost everybody who watches morning shows because her shows are very different from other morning shows. She has such a sweet smile that brightens everyone’s morning. Her look a like that I found is an Indian actress named Tina Desae. She is not very popular as far as I know but her face is very similar to that of Farah Saadya. Their eyes, smile, face shape and also their jaw bones have a lot of similarity. In some pictures they were not looking similar at all but in some of them their resemblance level highly increased.

403496_457365927649299_982646214_n images (2)

More over the famous Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan who mesmerizes everyone by his dancing and acting talent has a face shape similar to that of the Pakistani actor, Shaharyar Munawwar. Both of them have the same first impression. Their eye shape, nose shape and most of all face shape matches a lot. I was shocked because previously it never clicked in my mind that they both resemble each other but when I searched then I came to the conclusion that my identifying sense is weak because they both match each other a lot. Only a fool will think that they don’t.
These were some of the Pakistani celebrities with their look a likes from Hollywood and Bollywood. Apart from them, there are others too. For example; Syra Yusuf and Pixie Lott, Ayesha Alam and Cameron Diaz, Fawad Khan and Tom cruise and many more. I will be glad to hear you feedback. Let us combine our observations and come up with other interesting look a likes.

Written by: Moomal Hassan


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.