First Look Pakistan Idol- Paid jokers for TRP?

Most of the people in Pakistan were waiting for the first episode of Pakistan Idol including me! I was thrilled to see Bushra Ansari, Ali Azmat and Hadiqa Kiyani on such a platform. With the cheesy and quirky Bushra, pioneer of sufi rock Ali and the pop diva Hadiqa, this show was bound to make quite high waves across the entertainment industry. First episode generally left a good impression on the audience but it wasn’t described as “the greatest” either. There were few cliché’s which were quite obvious.

pak idol

Few of the participants seemed to follow some kind of script in a best joker competition! For example the one imitating Salman Khan! OMG showing off his “dollaaas” and the judges making fun of him! Yes it was hilarious, I was ROFL. Then there was this Madonna cum Lady Gaga cum eye to eye! I was like What is he trying to do or trying to prove! These kind of performances made me believe that that Geo is trying to make fun of people just to make some TRP. I do believe during the audition there would have some over enthusiastic young people doing this stunt just to get noticed or enjoy themselves but it was the job of the editor to show the real blunders not the scripted ones with prolonged introductions!

Coming to another important point, one of the participant was shown as a poor boy earning bread and butter for his family. His dream to participate in this show was shattered when he was rejected. I am not saying he should have been selected, but his state of affairs shouldn’t have been dramatized so much! They were proving a point that someone’s money or background doesn’t matter, but on the other hand they are looking for a complete package i.e. Good voice, singing skills, beauty, education and style. Now, this complete package cannot come without having extra bills in your pocket. Yes I know this is an entertainment show, the performers should have all these qualities, but dramatizing someone’s poorness is not what I wanted to see in a show. My mother was so touchy at seeing that poor kid that she said at least they should sympathize with the child. On one hand we are having multi million dollar show and on the other hand we are showing a poor family with not ample food to feed their children let alone health and education.

Apart from these few things, the show has started off well if not great, lets see how it proceeds further. this was just a start, I am hoping to see good quality Pakistani talent coming to limelight with this platform.
This is my opinion what is yours?


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