Chambaili- A reflection of Pakistani Politics!

It is human nature that he gets attracted towards the things that he can symbolize with and when it comes to movies, the nearer they are to reality, the better the business they expect. It was only few days’ back that I watched the Pakistani Movie Chambaili in cinema and really, it was an immense pleasure to find out that the country’s film industry has finally entered into a new era of success.

Been directed by Ismail Jilani and produced by Abdullah Kadwani & Shahzad Nawaz, the movie is based on the dirty politics of the country, though, no real characters are personified in the film.  It was amazing to see that the story seemed a real life experience of every Pakistani and the incidents that have been shown in the movie are what people like you and me go through daily. If you are planning to get a hold of some decent movies to enjoy with your friends this summer, Chambaili is surely the one you need to think of.


The Plot

The story revolves around a family which lives in an area where the majority of the houses are been bought by a political party. Ali Tahir(Saif), one of the members of the family is back to Pakistan from abroad to attend the engagement of his cousin. The family keeps getting threads from the political party to sell their only house left in the area so that the area officially gets into their influence but they refuse to do so.

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On the other hand, the party ruling the country by forming the government becomes a victim of internal conflicts between the members, where one of the MNAs’ Ghulam Mohiuddin raises his voice against the party ruling them over decades but gets assassinated by his own people. The leaders of every party are seen smoking and drinking casually, which again reflects the realism of our society.

The movie takes a turn when Ali Tahir’s friend, ‘Musa’ decides to stand up to guard their rights and their country and starts a hunger strike. Initially, they get no support from people and media, their determination and the speech been delivered by the leader brings followers, in general the youth. However, Musa gets killed by the open fires of Police on the orders of political party in lead.

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It is then that a simple man evolves as a leader of ordinary people and becomes a threat to all the political figures of the nation. The general elections are then shown, and it is easy to identify with promotional activities been shown in the movie.Fortunate enough, the movie was a virtual abstraction of the real story of the country and the votes been casted by the people made the real man win without the rigging in elections.

All in all, it is a good effort and for a minute you can feel a patriot within you. The words, the dialogues and the miseries been showed on screen goes well with the current situation of this country.

Share your views about Chambaili if you have watched it, and if not, then it is highly recommended to take two hours from your life to enjoy watching a movie based on your own sufferings!


Nida Zaidi


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • NZ, first of all many many thanks for writing review and praising this memorable film, which is in mostly ignored by general public and cine goers. It was a pakistani film screened after quite a long time. and it was truly a splendid effort. But unfortunately its box office report is not that strong. Many people complain we watch “indian movie bcoz pakistan mein acchi film nahin ban-tee”, but when some good film like this made its result mostly are not very encouraging. though there are some exceptions like “Bol” and “Khuda Ke Liye” which were too serious films but grabbed very good business on box office.

    its really sad to see that indian movie who have nothing in there to offer as far as Pakistan is concerned run with packed houses like recent film of murder and the last film of shahrukh khan, but some film like this fails to attract masses. What message in the end it will give to film producers that audience is not interested to watch a movie dealing the issues of pakistani society, on the contrary audience wants to view what is there in an indian movie like glamour, bold dressings, bold dialogs, bold dances moves , indian traditions. But when some film producer will make some pakistani movie with stuff like indian film there will be criticism form all walks of life.

    Just a month ago many people on this forum were complaining too much that hum tv awards have improper content which should not be showne, many termed is as so called ‘indian culture’ asking who wants to view it, the harsh reality is it is US the general public who do watch that content and it is proved time and again by one after another hit indian films and ratings that indian shows and dramas used to get.

    Another example is

  • In our country mostly serious films like this fail or do average at box office and chambeli is also one of them. Only shoaib mansoor has been lucky enough that public has accepted his films despite being too serious to digest. However to me chambaili may have done better had it been released at some time when the release date do not conflict with some other important event. This time around election fever was at its rise and not many persons were interested to listen about anything else than politics, so it could be presented as an excuse for chambaili not attracting much viewership.

  • NZ it was a serious and neat and clean film, and not much persons from general public have bothered to view this film, and see not many have bothered to read your review as well , whereas just seeing the hits on post on item song on mein hoon shahid afridi, isnt it enough to justify what our public mostly likes, a serious film like this is not liked by many, but mostly like masaala bollywood or pakistani films ?

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