Dil-e-Muztar Episode 13 – Relations Falling Apart!

What an episode! It was the most heart breaking episode so far and I was in a shock mode for the first 10 minutes of the episode. I was just not prepared to see Affan dying! My heart went out for Silah and Adeel and I must say Sanam Jung was mind blowing. Her acting improves with each episode and she just made me cry in this episode with her realistic acting especially in the scene where she was looking at Affan’s clothes and toys. It was a very heart touching scene and I am sure most of you would have felt the same way!

As Silah reached the house she was confused as to why so many were gathered there. She then entered her house and was shocked to see Adeel crying and the scenario in front of her and then reality finally hit home and she loses consciousness… The variety of expressions Sanam gave in this scene was commendable. I could easily make out all her feelings through her expressions and I would like to applaud her for her brilliant performance.


I have always wondered what would make Silah leave Adeel as she is not the kind of person who would leave Adeel for some petty reason and I think Affan’s death is the only reason that could have led her to leave Adeel. Seeing Adeel roaming with Zoya while Affan was sick at home was the last straw for her. She blamed Adeel completely for his untimely death and left the house with a heavy heart. It was such an emotionally charged and intense scene. The way Silah swore that she would never forgive Adeel or forget what he did gave me goose bumps and what else can you expect from Adeel other than showing his extra big ego even at a time like this. Instead of stopping her and understanding her situation, he started blaming everything on her!

I thought I could not hate Zoya’s character anymore than I already do but I was wrong. I hated the way she was smiling and smirking while eavesdropping on Silah and Adeel’s fight. She had finally done her work and Silah was out of Adeel’s life and now she finally had her chance to be a part of Adeel’s life and she quickly went and consoled Adeel and in the process filed his ears against Silah all over again, and as always he believed her every word. According to Zoya, Silah left because she just wanted a reason and she loved him only till she met Ahmer! And the award for the stupidest person goes to… Adeel of course, who else?

I loved the way Safeena accepted Silah wholeheartedly when she appeared on her doorstep. She let go of all the past grudges and welcomed her with open arms. Thank god she did not turn out to be the typical step mother! She sympathized with Silah and gave her an ‘I told you so’ lecture which was expected and Silah just kept silent throughout. I had a feeling that Safeena was showing so much love because she had an ulterior motive but when she frankly admitted that she was not too happy about Silah inheriting all that Zamaan had because she thought Silah did not deserve it, my opinion changed. She also told her that she searched for her a lot and used to send letters to her house but she got informed that Silah have changed her house. Silah was shocked to hear this and told her that she never received any letter. How would she when all Zoya never let any letter reach her!

Zoya’s visit to Adeel’s house kept on increasing and even Adeel was irked to see her at his house all the time and told her not to come anymore but who can be a better actor than Zoya? She quickly went on her consoling mode and told Adeel that she understands his situation and knows that he is just taking out Silah’s anger on her. You can always count on Zoya to twist words to get the situation in her favor!

The preview for the next episode was beyond shocking! How can Adeel do such a thing? I just cannot believe he asked Zoya to marry him! But on the bright side, Ahmer is back and I am actually looking forward to see him in the next episode. Apart from the acting, the direction was outstanding! Shehzaad Kashmiri needs to take a bow! The combination of the superb acting, brilliant direction and perfect editing was just mind boggling!

Mariam Shafiq



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  • Hey Mariam!
    I have yet to watch this episode but your review and my sister have convinced me I have to watch it. All this time, in the promos, I thought Sila was carrying her child to her house but it turns out that it's his things my sis told me :( That's so sad.

    • Oh please do watch it! It was an amazing epsiode.
      Yes, even i thought she was carrying Affan but unfortunately it turned out to be his things :(

  • haaaaaaaaaye :(
    aesa ni hona chahiye tha :'(
    n i was hating zoya, sila k bachay ki death k bd b wo adeel ko hasil krne m hi lagi hui he n adeel ko sila k khilaf kr ri he :(

  • The episode was superbly executed. I loved every moment of it. And Sanam is just 'WOW'!

    But I'm absolutely shocked at the promo. Adeel asks Zoya to marry him? I didn't expect that. I thought he'd come to senses and call Sila back – but apparently not. Cannot wait till the next episode.

    • Well, i did not expect anything else from Adeel. He is a pure jerk! It will take some more time for him to come to his senses. He does not know the real Zoya yet but he will get to know what she really is very soon! ;)

  • Salam Mariam,
    First of all, I would like to praise you for your excellent reviews and magnificent writing skills, that have persuaded me to watch this drama. (Have you done your Masters in English?)
    And, as for this episode, it was heart-wrenching — I was not at all prepared for Affan's death. I do still think that the producer/writer shouldn't have 'killed' Affan, but should have given him some sort of dangerous or usually fatal disease, like cancer. And as for Silla, I think she has a lot of stamina for what she's been through: first, her husband’s insincerity, and then her child’s death. That’s a lot to go through at the same time.
    I just wish everything turns out well at the end.
    And, keep up your splendid effort; it really impressed me (it kinda like makes sense for me to be impressed; I’m in my early teens. :))!

    • Thankyou Urva for the very flattering comment! :) i am glad i could make you watch the show…
      And no i haven't done Masters! Lol!
      Even i think the same, they should not have killed Affan! I never thought he would actually die!
      Yes, Silah sure has stamina.. I don't know what will happen next but I am definitely looking forward to it. I guess now Adeel will marry Zoya and they will show more of Silah's friendship with Ahmer.

  • Hey I wasn't waching this drama previously but after hearing how good it is I started to watch it. I don't have time to watch alll the previous episodes so I've only skimmed them. When do they show zoya taking silah's letters from her? I was really confused when silah's stepmom said she had been sending letters all the time but silah's never got them. How can zoya know of silah's fathers money? How would she know to intercept the letters? Im just really curious lol