Dil-e-Muztar Episode 14 – Shocking Twists!

This week’s episode was full of shocks and twists that I had not been expecting. The unexpected blows left me open mouthed staring at the screen and thinking ‘Did this just happen?’ Sanam Jung left me stunned again with her absolutely marvelous performance especially in the scene where she is looking at Affan’s pictures, the whole family looked so perfect in those photos. The scene was so overwhelming that it brought tears to my eyes. Sanam Jung has come a long way and she just keeps on getting better.

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Adeel’s opinion about Zoya got a notch higher when he saw how caring and understanding she was being in this hard time. I still cannot believe Adeel married Zoya all of a sudden. When I saw this scene in the promos, I had a feeling it would be Zoya’s dream but I was astounded to know that it was real. I was waiting till the very last minute for the dream to get over but then all of a sudden they got married and then we saw Zoya and Adeel enjoying themselves post marriage and I just felt like switching the channel. Technically, Adeel should have been angry after knowing Zoya’s real intentions but I was surprised to see just the opposite. After hearing her confession to her mother that she loved Adeel and will wait for him forever, he just went to her and proposed her! He sure got over Silah very soon. I must say, Zoya and Adeel are perfect for each other. I cannot wait till he gets to know the real face of Zoya! Her extra caring and understanding nature is just a mask which will come off very soon. He is surely going to regret his hasty decision then.

The situation just keeps on getting worse for Silah and I am glad she has Safeena with her in this hard time. I loved the way Safeena cared for Silah and tried her best to get her out of her depression. The shocking part was the unexpected news of Silah expecting again. This was even more shocking than Adeel and Zoya’s marriage. Silah does not know whether to be happy or sad about this news as she is still not over Affan’s death and Adeel is also no longer a part of her life.

The best part about the episode was that we got to see Ahmer again. His character has always been my favorite and from now on there will be more focus on his character. He was shocked to see Silah at the hospital and got even more shocked when he heard about all the tragedies that she had been through. Ahmer’s friendship is just what Silah needs in this hard time and I am sure he will help Silah to get back on her feet and will stand by her side throughout this difficult time. Silah is at first a bit reluctant to meet Ahmer because of Adeel accusations but when Safeena made her realize that Adeel’s opinions should not matter to her anymore, she realized her fault and was more open to Ahmer’s friendship from then on.

‘Woh To Kabka Rashta Badal Chuka Tha Per Ajeeb Baat Yeh Hai Ke Mein Usper Akhri Waqt Tak Bharosa Karti Rahi’

This is what Silah told Ahmer when he had come to meet her. Silah did trust Adeel till the very end even when he hit her she was the one who went and apologized. Adeel never deserved a loving and caring person like Silah.

It did not take much time for Adeel to start getting irritated by Zoya. He could not get along with someone like Silah who had such a calm and patient temperament then how can he get along with Zoya who is just the opposite, nagging and complaining about each and everything.

The preview for the next episode was again very shocking. Zoya asked Adeel to give Silah a divorce! Would Adeel agree and give Silah a divorce? I sure cannot wait for next week to find out.

Do share your opinion about the episode!

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  • Hilarious!! But i cant wait to see the end of this drama. Rumors are around that sila is going to die. I hope this doesn't happen.
    And I appreciate your efforts for the review. Indeed good work, keep it up.

    • Yes i have heard about the rumors but I know for a fact that although the show is based on a novel, the creatives have made alot of changes in the script. So there is a lot of chance that the ending would defer. Let's see what happens :)
      Thankyou for the wonderful comment :)

      • Nice review. how come adeel could be so selfish. A very self centred person who doesn't think the consequence of any decision he makes very promptly.

        • Thats because he is an idiot. Lol! His ego is so big that he cannot think of other's feelings.
          He never deserved Silah. He deserves someone like Zoya. As i said above they are perfect for each other. :P Silah deserves someone like Ahmer who cares for her and respects her.

    • Umm.. Ohkay so defer may not be the correct term. You can say deviate. The creatives have already made a lot of changes to the script so the ending may not be the same as the novel. And plus I haven't read the novel so I am not sure if the rumors are even correct!
      So let's just enjoy the show and not worry about its ending. :)

  • Really nice review. I think Silah will take him back even after all the mess that he has created & will take the sati-savitri-pann to a whole new level. But I would like if things would end a little differently. Silah, must not & should not, no matter what, make truce with Adeel because she never gave him a reason to doubt her. I feel she might get engaged to Ahmer & he will accept her with the new baby & stuff too but eventually she will go back to Adeel which won't be good to see. :/

    • Thankyou Zahra :)
      Oh god! I really hope this does not happen! :(
      Adeel doesn't deserve someone like Silah! Ahmer seems the perfect guy for her but I saw some other woman with Ahmer in the spoiler pictures so I'm guessing she would be opposite Ahmer. Maybe his ex wife came back or something…
      As of now I just want Adeel to miss Silah and realise what a perfect wife she was. He will get sick of Zoya soon I'm sure ;) I can't wait!