Promo of “Behadd” goes On-Air – Pictures revealed!


It is more than a pleasure to see the drama industry of Pakistan flourishing with a high pace, and the Hum Network is surely the leading contestant when it comes to giving credit for taking the industry somewhere where we see it now.

It can be seen that Moomal Productions has finally got its success ingredient in Fawad Khan and the team is coming up with consecutive hits one after another. Just after the success of Zindagi Gulzar hai, it is now a telefilm, “Behadd” that is expected to replace the current Zaroon craze with this new character Fawad will be playing against Nadia  Jamil and Sajjal Ali.

Been written by Umera Ahmed, directed by Asim Raza and produced by Momina  Duraid, the telefilm itself speaks about how amazing it will be. The story is about the fact that anything going beyond the normal standards leads to a disaster, whether it is tolerance or be an intense love. The story revolves around the three characters and is quite predictable too.

 Enjoy its first official promo here!

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Promo of "Behadd" goes On-Air - Pictures revealed!



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  • Well the concept of story seems to be a bit similar to Khalida Riasat last drama "ab tum ja saktay ho" which was taken from a short story of Khadija Mastoor (famous veteran short story writer). An elderly woman (say lady A) will fall for a man younger than her, while the younger man wants to be with a younger lady already who is relative of the elderly lady(lady A) ( may be daughter or niece), so in a way it will be type of complex triangular love story.

    • Khachi ho gai! esa kuch bhi nai tha. Umera Ahmad is Some one who can not be compare to Any other writter. Hatts off to Umera ji

      • yes absolutely right, the story and its theme was entirely different from what i perceived from the promos. Its message was very different and it was an excellent broadcast in every aspect

  • Ab Tum Ja Saktay Ho is one of my all time favorite telefilms but doesn't this look different? Khalida Rayasat played a spinster who couldn't let go of her niece because she was lonely. The promos look interesting – definitely looking forward to it.

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