Tarang Housefull Telefilms – An Overview

I have always been a big fan of telefilms, if they are made well, they provide perfect entertainment. The fact that the Tarang housefull telefilms were inspired by some of the old classics made me look forward to them and I had very high expectations from almost all these telefilms. Also, all these telefilms had some very big names attached to them, so one couldn’t help but expect a masterpiece. I have to say though that the telefilms I had very high expectations from did not seem up to the mark and others which I thought may not deliver were so much better than my expectations. Here is an overview of all the telefilms, please feel free to share your opinion.

Abhi Tu Mei Jawan Hun:

Writer: Vasay Chaudhry
Director: Nadeem Baig
Cast: Meekal, Ayesha Khan, Atiqa Odhu, Bushra Ansari, Saba Hameed, Usman Peerzada and others.

Abhi Tu Mei Jawan Hun was very refreshing in every way. It was truly wonderful to see Meekaal do something completely different from what he does usually. Not only that he completely stole the show because of his remarkable acting. All the actors senior and junior shared amazing chemistry. Abhi Tu Mein Jawan Hun is a romantic comedy with quite a few decent and very intelligent jokes to its credit. Vasay Chaudhry’s script is flawless, Nadeem Baig did a spectacular job with the direction and everyone is very well suited for their roles. The song Abhi Tu Mei Jawan Hun has been sung brilliantly and has been shot very well too. Aysha Khan looks great and the lead pair clicked with me instantly, unlike some of the other telefilms where I wasn’t too sure if the lead pair really had any real chemistry.

The telefilm was not just funny but very engaging as well, it kept me glued right from the get go and gave me nothing to complaint about. It was refreshing to see Saba Hameed in a different role as well, Bushra Ansari was her brilliant self as usual and Atiqa Udho fit in perfectly in her character. It isn’t very easy for a relatively new artist to shine amongst such big stars but Meekaal managed to do that almost effortlessly.
If you want to watch something that will give you some good laughs then ATMJH is a must watch for you. It has all the right ingredients in the right proportions and gives you nothing to complaint about.


Writer: Zanjabeel Shah
Director: Yasir Nawaz
Cast: Imran Abbass, Sara Loren, Ally Khan, Iffat Umar, Sohai Abro and others.

Anjuman was the second telefilm to go on air. I must confess that I wasn’t actually looking forward to watching it and there were no high expectations from the telefilm as well, mainly because of the way it was promoted. I wasn’t much interested in wathcing “the item number of the year” because a good telefilm really should have more to its credit. The only reason I ended up watching Anjuman was because I had nothing better to do. Once I started watching it, there was no forwarding or stopping in between. Anjuman was perfect acting wise; all the actors were simply brilliant. The story was nothing special but some of the dialogues were very touching and had the kind of depth which one can only wish for most of the times. All the characters were superbly etched out and the songs were beautifully sung. Sara Loren, Ally Khan, Iffat Rahim and Sohai Abro were the stars of the show and unfortunately Imran Abbas was the weakest link. The beauty of this film lies in its characterization, acting and definitely the direction. The director turned an ordinary (almost unbelievable) story into something that keeps you glued to your TV screens. Sunidhi Chauhan added a new life to the old songs “Aap Dil Ki Anjuman Mein” and “Dil Dhadkay”.

If you missed Anjuman for some reason, I suggest that you give it a go. It will take you in a world of its own and you will love the ending. I also like and appreciate the message that was put forward through this movie. It is definitely a must-watch.

Dil Mera Dhadkhan Teri:

Writer: Mohammad Ahmed
Director: Mehreen Jabbar
Cast: Sarwat Gillani, Sanam Saeed, Ahsan Khan, Shamim Hilali and others.

Let me start by saying that I had enormous expectations from this telefilm in particular because I expected nothing short of a masterpiece from a talented writer like Muhammad Ahmed, a gifted director like Mehreen Jabbar and a stellar cast. Unfortunately I was extremely disappointed after watching the telefilm because the story lacked depth and everything seemed rushed. Sarwat Gillani and Ahsan Khan lacked the on-screen chemistry needed to make me relate to their undying love. Sanam Saeed on the other hand made her presence felt and stood out more than anyone else in the telefilm. The song “Rakh Diya Qadmo Mie Dil Nazrana” had a lot of energy but It came and went and I failed to understand the context.

The “twists and turns” in the telefilm weren’t exactly exciting, in fact I kept on waiting for the time when the telefilm will completely keep me hooked but it never came. The characters were not very well established at all; we know that Beenish is the villain and Saira is the victim but that is that. I did not fall in love with Saira’s character; yes she was very cute but that was it. I did not hate Beenish’s character maybe because Sanam Saeed was so well suited for the role or perhaps I just wasn’t given enough time to warm up to the characters or the story. In short DMDT did not work for me at all because I failed to connect to the characters.

Devar Bhabi:

Writer, Director and Producer: Syed Noor
Cast: Saima, Sami Khan, Sadia Khan, Saud and others.

I was expecting this telefilm to be very filmi because it has been written, directed and produced by Syed Noor. I have never watched a Pakistani commercial movie so I had no idea what kind of an actress Saima was but I assumed she would be great since she ruled over the industry for a very long time; surely one can’t do that without some good talent (so I thought)!! I wasn’t exactly blown away by Saima’s performance partially because her character had not been etched out properly. The bhabi should have come across as someone very graceful who commanded immediate respect from the audience but that did not happen. All the latkas and jhatkas, the body language and the dialogues as well were over the top and did not fit in at all. I can think of many television actresses who could have done justice to this role.

devar bhabi
Sami Khan’s performance was mediocre to say the least, even with all the emotional dialogues, the bhabi dewar jodi failed to move me. Until now, this had to be the telefilm with most number of songs but the songs had an old feel to them. They were very melodious no doubt but they didn’t seem like the 2013 version of a 1960s movie. I found it difficult to sit through most of them because they were too slow and the presentation wasn’t very modern too. Sadia Khan; the heroine, a new actress, didn’t have much of a role to play but whatever acting she didn’t wasn’t actually impressive. Saud and Saima jodi didn’t click with me at all as well.

Overall, this was yet another disappointing telefilm, I have definitely watched better telefilms on many other channels and some with much stronger messages, much more emotions and much better script too


Writer: Vasay Chaudhry
Director: Anjum Shehzad
Cast: Fawad Khan, Amina Sheikh, Vasay Chaudhry and others.

This was another one of those telefilms that I was anxiously looking forward to primarily because Fawad Khan was playing the lead. I had my serious apprehensions about Amina Sheikh playing the lead with Fawad Khan because I wondered if the two will look good on-screen together. Nonetheless, I was totally willing to be pleasantly surprised. Honestly speaking I felt like there was hardly any chemistry between Fawad Khan and Amina Sheikh. Both of them performed brilliantly, there is no denying that but the sizzling chemistry that makes you go awww was completely missing.


The story was very interesting and had a lot of potential but the direction wasn’t very impressive and the production values were low. Some of the locations were exactly the same as Abhi Tu Mein Jawan Hum, which was rather disappointing considering that it would have been quite easy for the director and producer to use new locations. I like the comical element in Abhi Tu Mein Jawan Hun much more than in Armaan; some of the jokes were not very clean! One can easily make people laugh without crossing the line of decency and it is always better that way. Armaan wasn’t exactly a masterpiece, in fact I couldn’t even watch it one sitting. Definitely not a must watch on my list but if you love Fawad Khan – go for it!

I haven’t watched Aaina yet, will definitely add what I think about it once I am done watching it…the promos looked very promising. Did you watch the Tarang Housefull telefilms? Please share your opinion about them.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • I agree with you whole heartedly!

    I had huge expectations from Armaan and DMDT but they both kind of disappointed me..
    Armaan did not have the chemistry between the leads and since it was a love story, the lack of spark made the film dull for me. It was however, beautifully directed and everyone acted very well.
    I loved Sanam Saaed in DMDT. Other than that there was nothing good in that film..

    For me, Anjuman was the best telefilm out of these 5. I was not looking forward to watch it like you but ended up watching it when i had nothing better to do and Sara Loren just stole the show! She was amazing! Everything was perfect in this movie. From the songs, to the direction and the acting.. I have actually seen it thrice, thanks to my mother who is always watching it when it is coming on the TV. :D

    I am yet to see Aaina though.. Lets see how it turns out to be. I have heard good reviews of it so far!

    • Good to know that we are on the same page Mariam. Yes Sanam Saeed was the only good thing about DMDT, I think she should do more negative roles. You are absolutely right about Anjuman, I think of all the telefilms that went on air Anjuman was the one that deserved to be screened in the Cinema.

  • Well wrote out review, well i want to mention something about Anjuman, that it deviated quite a lot from the original film. In original film Anjuman (Rani) dies in the end after the marriage of Waheed Murad (Imran Abbas) and Deeba (Sohai Abro), but in this version every thing was changed and they changed it to a happy end.

    Also worth mentioning fact is that the story of anjuman was a hit story and it is used in atleast three films. So far to me the best telefilm has been Abhi to mein jawan hoon, which was entertaining and gripping.

    • Rashid Nazir I really enjoyed ATMJH too and for me Anjuman and ATMJH both scored equally well. The thing I liked about Anjuman more was that it was more filmi and did not seem like a drama. isn't it good that they changed the story so much but still managed to provide the viewers with wholesome entertainment? I definitely like the happy ending – it was very satisfying.

      • agreed Anjuman was a fantasy story and it is very well treated by Yasir Nawaz, fantasy dramas and films if properly treated are a real fun to watch.

        I also want to mention Aaina, onaired after this review, it was also better than devar bhabhi and arman and DMDT. Too me devar bhabhi was the worst, as the role of bhabhi demand a graceful lady like sabiha khanum did in actual film, not like Saima who was jumping here and there like teenage girl, syed noor has disappointed its audience by ruining a classic film

  • I agree with you. I tried to watch Dil mera Dharkan teri purely because of sanam saeed & her scenes were worth watching but the rest of the cast failed :( I wanted to watch Armaan due to it's attractive promos but once again, I was completely disappointed. You can watch it if you're a die hard fan of FK which I'm not :) so it was pretty difficult for me to watch it just for him. I was expecting much better from Amina Sheikh but she was a HUGE disappointment. Moreover the chemistry was totally missing. In fact I liked Fawad-Vasay scenes more than the scenes of leading pair

    • Hamnah thank you so much for reading the article and for commenting, it is always great to hear from you. I couldn't watch Armaan in one go too, like i mentioned, it definitely did not work for me. Fawad-Vasay were good but some of the jokes were not very decent and that kind of put me off.

  • I agree with you ATMJH was really good and meekal did a great job.I had no interest in anjuman so was happy to miss it but ARMAAN was really amazing although I was also missing the spark between the leads but enjoyed it because of its heart-touching songs,interesting story and most importantly "THE HEARTTHROB FAWAD KHAN" <3

    • Mayam Thank you so much for the feedback, I think you should try watching Anjuman, you may just be pleasantly surprised.

  • Finally u watched ATMJH..its my fav uptill now (hvnt watched Aaina till now)…then Anjuman..then….KOI BHI NAI…..DMDT,Armaan poori nahi dekhi ..i find them boring…,infact koko korina song dekha tha..uff Allah kia beragharak kia he us song ka…..but i m sure FK fans keh liye woh abtak ki BEST telefilm hogi..lolxx…but Tarang ki telefilms koh hata ker i m waiting for telefilm BE-HAD, Momina Duraid Production,written by Umera Ahmed, 1 of my Fav Actress Nadia Jamil with FK and Sajal..(loving the cast)..Finally FK in little diff look…..really waiting for it..promos r exciting….

    • Yes Aiman i watched it and really liked it, it was definitely the kind of movie one can watch over and over again. I am waiting for Behadd too, the promos look very promising.

    • Aiman, I think you are still living in 70s. The KO KO KORENA song was beautifully shot. You have to know that this is the time of item songs, not some silly old age. AS was the dancing star in that.
      Armaan was the best of all. Anjuman was the second best.

      • Well alya i m under 20 so i dnt knw 70s main kia hota tha..bt have brain tht admires good thing whether b it of 70 or 2013…ko ko korina was and still is a 'CLASSIC' its nt 'old age boring song'…i m nt against doing remix of classics bt remix should also have sme class…i jst lvd Disco Diwane(Nazia Hassan) remix by Vishal Shaikhar (bt lv original more)…even i jst love love love 'dil dharke' remix by Sunidi..its awsm..bt koko korina ka remix to kia unho ne isko gola ganda bna dia he..wahiyat!! Apne original i thnk suna nai he thts y u calling it old age sng…aur jaha takk shots ki bat he plz dnt say tht it waz shot beautifully bcuz it waz nt! Amna and FK need to take sme serious dance classes esp FK bcuz usne sirf taliyan bajai bt woh bhi both of thm were completely out of beat…FK ki to guest appearance thi sng main…dono k dancing flaws ko chupane k liye bare bare close shots aarai the bar bar dono k face k instead k woh dance ko dikhate…sorry bt remix na sunne main and na dekhne me acha he…

  • abhi tou mein jawan hoon, anjuman n aaina were bestest

    abhi tou mein jawan hoon:
    meekal acted very well in double role
    n ofcourse bushra ansari, saba hameed n atiqa odho were fab <3

    anjuman s itna expect ni kia ta but after watching it i juz luvd it :)

    n Aaina
    emotions, love, tears, pain
    a great combo
    saba n faisal act greatt
    n no doubt saba n faisal's couple was looking amazing

    bhabi n dewar bht ziada boring ti n blkul b ni lg raha ta k 2013 k movie hai
    n armaan m b jokes m wo maza ni tha jtna expect kia ta
    dil mera dhakan teri b itni koi khaas ni ti mene half hi dekhi n hatta di bcz i was feeling damn sleepy while watching it

    but overall gud effort (Y)

  • Aaina was super hit
    Saba Qamars Performance was amazing
    And I Think So Aj jis trah sarmad saba or faysal khush thy is sy yehi lagta hy ka aaina hi super hit hoi hy
    Saba And Faysal Cute Couple <3

  • Mn ne suna hy sab sy ziyada hi Aaina hoi hy
    Remarkable Response
    BTW it was superb Movie
    Specially Saba Acting Wow
    MAkes me cry cant explain my feelings Just WOWSarmad Best dirctor

  • For me anjuman is best among them and Imran Abbas was equally good as Sara. He acted really very well. Loved him in anjuman. Then armaan and ATMJH were also superb. Although aminah and fawad lack sizzling chemistry but other than that it was a complete package. I watched first half of Aaina. Direction wise it is A+ but other than that it was not exceptional. Saba qamar acting was superb but i didn't like Faisal qureshi at all. The rest 2 were hell boring and complete waste of time.

  • I think the writer is not justified in her review of the Tarang films.
    Armaan was beautifully shot. I watched them all, in fact. I like Anjuman too, because Sunidhi sang a song for it. It was a good plot which I don't think was completely executed. Still it was good.
    Loved the locations and the chemistry of AS and FK in Armaan. The director brought out the feelings of the two characters very delicately. The locations were beautifully shot, however the icing on the cake was the song Ko Ko Korena. I think the way it was filmed was above anything else that I have seen in Pakistani television. The dance sequence AS did was very cute, very sober. Still it carried the romance factor between FK and AS.
    Aaina was average, if you ask me. The fact is that Nadeem sb and Shabnam have done remarkably great in old Aaina that no Faisal or Saba can match them. Even my mother who was a great Nadeem sb fan went like "ye kya bakwas banaya hei… tum naye log purani cheezon ko kharaab karney pey kyun tulay ho!" Well, I don't think it was badly directed but as Aamir Khan says in Rangeela: "apun public hei public!" So my view is that Armaan tops the list. Second comes Anjuman. And please don't ask me about the rest, they were all dabba!

  • Aina mein itni over acting, Saba should know that! Faisal should also understand there is a thing called sublime acting, which shows the inner of a character. He showed none of it, he only acted like himself, playing himself…he's been doing this for so long and now he should know he is an over-aged senior actor, so he should act like one.
    Sarmad is a good director, but I don't understand why he showed such an elegant house for Faisal and Aliya. The locations seem unreal, I have no idea where they shot it but these were not houses from real life. Overall, it was okay! Not so brilliant, as some of you are saying here. Anyway, to each his own! :)

    • Yes i agree .the house of faisal was beyond understandable acc to his role. perhaps some farmhouse . faisal actin was not to a mark ,he was not in the character. saba was also lacking the freshness.(no match wid nadeem and shabnam). direction was good but looked short in time.many scenes in songs were incomplete. khi outdoor shud hve been more exploited…perhaps situation of khi disturbed its shooting.the music of original aina was superb.but it lacked in its remake…anyway good effort sarmad.

  • I think ARMAAN is the best of all , all the songs are sung beautifuly and all the artists have done justice to their role and the film was written beautifully. After ARMAAN i think the equal best is anjuman becuase of its beautiful songs and great acting by sara loren and devarbhabi is worst of all noone did justice to their role. AAINA story was fantastic and everything is good except the acting of faisal and saba ,saba is overacting and faisal is not fit with the role.

  • remaking of old movies in either shape is totally failare in pakistan .especially when the directors have no knowledge of pak film industry. I can not even dream iffat omar playing the role of sabiha khanam .it was unfortunetly a disastrous experiment ,which could not do any thing good for revival of pak film industry.Instead of that original films like bol or chambeli were box office success

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