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Characters we want and characters we don’t want to see!

There are certain characters in dramas which are the most annoying ones. They irritate the viewers till the last episode but the worst part is that we have to see them in each and every drama! Here are some of the examples of such characters:

1. The cunning Bhabi!
This Bhabhi would hate her mother-in-law from the core of her heart for no apparent reason. She would not let her sister-in-law come to visit her house and would keep persuading her husband to buy another house because his ammi has made her life miserable! The only reason this character exists is so mother-in-laws can never trust their daughter-in-laws.

2. The conspiracy specialist Saas and Nand!
These two will always fill their son’s/brother’s ears with hateful speech for the bahoo and he would shout at his wife, hit her and even divorce her for them. Disgusting!

3. The bored and dominating husband!
All he wants for his wife is to bow down to him and stand attentive before him, ready for his every command. She cannot have any interests for herself and even though she works so hard all day, looking after him and his family, he will never cease to complain what a stupid woman she is and how bored he is of her. If she is a working woan, he will definitely not cooperate with her and flirt with other women.

4. The evil sister!
All of her life, this character will never spare her sister of her nasty tactics and will ruin her sister’s wedding, steal her husband, torture her nephews and nieces and then suddenly, she will start to hate the husband she snatched from her sister.

5. The roti dhoti aurat!
This character needs no description. She can be seen in every drama. Let go of her people!

6. The hopeless romantic!
This character can be male or female. The person they love will get married to someone else, and obeying Newton 3rd law of motion that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, they will cut their wrist or hang themselves. Our media should really stop promoting suicide, that too for a girl or boy.

Now that the negative ones have been taken care of, let’s move to the characters we really want to see.

1. A humble and caring Maulvi/ religious scholar:
Aperson who is a Maulvi but not the typical type shown in our dramas but more like Maulvi Subhanllah in Pyaray Afzal.

2. A patriot:
A person who loves his/her country Pakistan from the core of his heart. The story may be set before partition of the subcontinent, before separation of East Pakistan or in present time when Pakistan is facing so many problems. He/she can be an adamant social worker, a police officer and even a housewife who trains her ignorant children and grow love of their country in their heart.

3. A detective or a secret agent:
He/she would fight the crime and corruption in Pakistan. They would fight anyone who threatens their country.

4. A psychopath:
I know we have had enough psychos in Kadurat and Mein deewani but what we want to see is a psychopath who witnessed a horrible incident in his childhood(any incident except the sighting of his evil stepmother please :P) and kills people. The hero would uncover his tracks and hand him over to law enforcement.

5. A director:
A director who has to direct a drama set in a place far away from settlements, in a house(haweli) everyone claims is haunted but he does not stop because he wants the perfect location for his drama. Then all of the members of his crew get stuck in that house and have to fight their way out. The story would be even better if the actual history of that house is shown.

6. The archaeologist:
A person who goes to archaeological sites like pyramids. He encounters a supernatural being over there and then has to struggle ta save himself from it.

7. The bright student:
Yes! I want a drama based on college life but not on the romance in college life! Not at all!
I want this bright student to be shown studying and making projects. His/her daily life should be shown. The plot should be based on friendship.

So how will you like these character? Kindly tell me what you think about these roles and leave me a comment.


Areeba Mohsen

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