Charm of Umera Ahmed Dramas

Some writers write for depicting the real picture of our society through their writings while others write to create a lasting impression. Fortunately, Umera Ahmed has both the qualities and this very quality is also reflected in the dramas based on stories which she wrote. Her writings are not only true representative of our culture and our society but, also at the same time they touch our hearts and souls. Her words flow like sweet musical lyrics in her novels and many people even draw inspiration from the innocent lead characters which she creates. The dramas based on her written novels are equally influential. Whether it be Man-o-Salwa, Lahasil, Amar Bail, Husna Aur Husn Ara, Meri Zaat Zarai benishan, Mai Ne Khawabon Ka Shajar Dekha Hai, Muthi Bhar Matti, Libas, Darbar-e-Dil or Thora sa Aasman one will always find inspirational characters plus heart-trapping story-line which keep you involved in the drama from the start till the end.

The plot of her compilations is very strong and it is because of this very attribute of her writing that makes the dramas more attractive for the people to see. Even those individuals, who have read her novels, desperately wait to see dramas based on her writings. Drama-serials inspired by her novels are mostly aired on Pakistan TV channels like HUM-TV, TV-ONE & INDUS VISION and are appreciated and welcomed warm-heartedly by the lovers of Umera Saheba’s exhilarating writing. These dramas are seen by people of every age-group ranging from students to families and so on so forth. The power of the plot is such mighty that it draws the attention of the viewers from the beginning and doesn’t let it go till the end. Pakistan has produced a number of famous novelists but Umera Ahmed has her own name & classy way which will remain in the hearts of people for many years to come


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