Cheekh Episode 13 Story Review – Double Episodes Needed

Opening Thoughts – Double Episodes Please!!!

Ohkay so, the reason why I am posting this review late is because I couldn’t watch this episode of Cheekh in one go. Yes, this episode was decent but then again, I found it repetitive & quite hard to watch. Considering the amount of repetition & slow pace this drama has, I think it’s about time that the channel should start airing double episodes to keep the interest of the viewers in this show intact.

Mannat’s Character Was Being Assassinated:

In this episode of Cheekh, the main focus was again on everyone’s mental state & condition where some were trying to figure a way out & the others were only making sure that the truth remains untold. In this episode, there was a lot of emphasis on Mannat’s character assassination but then, those dialogues were repetitive to the point of being boring. Wajih’s character gets a lot of limelight considering he is the main culprit but then again, there’s nothing interesting or exciting about him because all he does is intimidate, lie, play the victim & repeat!

The only important little detail that was revealed in this episode of Cheekh was why Yawar was so emotionally attached to his siblings – that is because he does not have a child of his own therefore he treats his siblings as his kids & he has invested all of his energies in them, so much so that he doesn’t even feel the need to have a child of his own as well. I felt this was also the reason behind his disconnect with his wife Shehwar as he can not understand what she goes through. After that conversation between Shehwar & Yawar, it was kind of easy to understand why Yawar was being so over-protective of Wajih, he was acting like that father who makes sure his kids stay safe & unharmed, even if he knows that they are guilty. Yawar has totally forgotten that Wajih has killed Nayab, rather the only thing he wants is to make sure that Wajih doesn’t go to jail. Shehwar was presented with an opportunity to tell the truth but she chose not to say anything & that pretty much told Mannat that she was not going to find any support whatsoever from anyone in this household.

Shayan was confused & his brothers made sure to feed him the lies they had fabricated against Mannat, so that she leaves. Shayan was basically getting a chance to analyse both sides of the story but he still was not sure what to make out of it. He did see how Mannat was standing firm but then, the seed of doubt that was planted in his mind by both Wajih & Yawar made it even harder for him to blindly trust & support Mannat.

So, Wajih got a beating from his friend but he put an entire blame on Asad. I think Shayan’s decision must’ve come with a solid reason which I think is that Asad must’ve told Shayan to let Mannat go out of this environment which was only being toxic for her. I am sure Shayan must’ve told Mannat to go only because he does not want Wajih,Yawar, Haya & even the servants of the house to speak against Mannat. After getting to know Shayan so far, I feel this must be the reason why he told Mannat to leave – in order to protect her & keep her sanity intact.

Closing Thoughts – Repetitive & Stagnant:

This episode of Cheekh was alright but I guess the slow pace & repetitive scenarios are taking away the charm of the drama. Also, I think they should now move the story forward & show us the case & courts in stead of domestic politics & Mannat’s character assassination. After seeing the preview of the next episode, I am again not too sure what to expect nor am I excited because they ended the last episode on such an intense note that Shahwar overheard Wajih but in this episode, nothing much really happened. Yes, Shahwar must be doubting Wajih too she won’t say much I think till the last episode. Also, the most annoying aspect of this drama is that continuous Ho Ho Ho Ho soundtrack that keeps on playing in every single episode to showcase the sufferings of an oppressed party. I hope the editors stop using that because it is very annoying. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Cheekh.

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