Cheekh Episode 15 Story Review – Half Hit, Half Miss

Opening Thoughts – Filler With A Bit of Important Details:

Ohkay so, I hope this was probably the last filler episode of Cheekh that we saw this week, however I am glad that the story has finally moved to that phase where the case has been taken to the court. I hope they don’t drag things further & carry on with the case with a decent pace. The most important scene of this episode turned out to be the very last scene but then again, that’s where it ended.

Atrocious Acts of Intimidation:

This episode mainly focused on how Mannat & her mother were being intimidated & how Mannat was fighting back. After whatever happened at Mannat’s home, she had one thing clear that no matter what happens, the police won’t be siding with her at all. It was unnecessary but more than half of the episode was dedicated to Mannat’s mother & how scared she was, which made it obvious that this was a filler episode.

The one thing that I found quite interesting to learn about was Yawar’s character. They showed how he can not father a child but has made his wife Shahwar believe that she has the complications & not him. This aspect cleared two things; the first one being the reason why he takes Wajih as his child, that is because Yawar can not have his own, that is why he has started to look for that love in Wajih’s existence. The second one being the reason why Yawar is not even thinking for a second about Nayab or even Mannat. Since he is someone who has no issues betraying the trust of his wife, probably the woman who trusts him the most, therefore for a person like Yawar, Nayab or even Mannat hold no importance at all. I kind of enjoyed how the writer has added all this depth & detailing in a supporting but very important character like Yawar. I also felt that by letting this detail lose now, the writer has kind of left a little opening, kind of a little piece of puzzle that Shahwar will stumble upon & when she will hold onto it, she will end up supporting Mannat because she will learn how Yawar was fooling her. Shahwar will also realize that when Yawar can lie to her about such a sensitive subject for years, see her suffering in misery & can make her feel like she is the culprit, then he can lie about Wajih too. I am sure for someone as submissive as Shahwar, it had to be something this big for her to be convinced to go against her husband & help Mannat. It is interesting how the writer has added these minor details & is building things up from there like first Shahwar getting to hear Wajih confess & now Yawar holding this deep dark secret in his heart.

Shayan finally warned Wajih & told him openly that even he stands against his younger brother for the crime that he has committed. Even though it was nice that Shayan told Mannat to hire a lawyer, I found it funny that Mannat was ready to fight for Nayab but didn’t even think about getting a lawyer until Shayan said so.

Closing Thoughts – Half Hit, Half Miss:

Overall, this episode was half hit half miss. I liked a few things & didn’t enjoy the rest. However I am glad that things have finally moved forward. I am interested to see who plays the role of Mannat’s lawyer. I know this is a super random guess but I feel Khalid Malik should play this role, he will fit it best. Anyways, any guesses? Please share your thoughts about this episode of Cheekh.

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