Cheekh Episode 17 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Filler Episode:

Ohkay so, this episode of Cheekh had nothing to do with the actual story but it just covered the random details & developments that took over the lives of most of the characters. I am actually not sure how I feel about this episode especially because I wasn’t too appeased with the filler scenarios as the part of me eagerly wants to see the court case being pursued.

Scenarios That Had Nothing To Do With The Story:

So, the highlight of this episode for me was the shift in Shehwar’s character. It was interesting to see how she wasn’t even bothered about anyone especially Yawar anymore. Shehwar’s way of reacting might seem irrational but it totally fits the circumstance of someone who has been betrayed in the worst possible manner. Shehwar trusted Yawar the most & she got to know that he didn’t even think for a second about her while lying to her all this while. Shehwar at first didn’t seem to be in her senses but then as the episode progressed I could see how she was keen on giving Yawar the taste of his own medicine. Shehwar has thought thinks through, she knows what she is putting Yawar through & she is just deriving pleasure out of it plus she also wants Yawar to confess the truth but he won’t. Yawar’s perplexity made it pretty obvious that he was disturbed about the lie that Shehwar was telling.

Mannat & Shayan are expecting a child & even though their romance is a good mood changer in this otherwise one-dimensional story, I feel Saba Qamar’s expressions are making this equation a tad bit cheesy. It is really nice to see a husband & wife sharing such a strong bond despite their circumstances but I totally feel that in order to make it work & look beautiful, Saba Qamar should have kept it a bit subtle & not too over-expressed.

Wajih decided to intimidate Mannat by harming her mother. Wajih also decided to teach the servant a lesson, the same servant who did not buy Wajih’s lie about Mannat. I think the servants have been getting way too much coverage but then I hope it is basically a build up for all of them testifying against Wajih, I wish that’s the case because that alone will justify the screen time they got. However, I think it is getting tiresome seeing Wajih acting all KeWl & UnBoThErEd. The story has definitely become stagnant & that is not a good sign!

Haya for the first time tried to put a pressure on her tiny brain & decided to ask Wajih in order to see whether the culprit will confess his crimes? Anyways, if Haya will try to put two & two together, it will definitely be better because I would hate to see a character go to waste without not doing something beneficial & useful!

Closing Thoughts – Misleading Precaps:

This episode of Cheekh was a miss for me but I am sure it must have worked for all the avid fans of this drama. Not sure what the future holds for Mannat but would hate to see her losing any of the support system or happiness that he has especially her husband or her baby. The preview that was shown last week was again misleading because none of it happened in this episode so I am not too keen on the precap shown this week too as I think all of that will happen probably after 2 weeks. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Cheekh.

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